Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fujitsu PC Australia talks about Engadget theory

It seems that engadget got Dennis Rice and Warner Crocker talking about a possible Fujitsu "mini tablet" called the Biblo LOOX. If you take into account that James Kendrick pointed to a fantastic Linda Epstein review of the P1510D only days prior then it seems Fujitsu is on everyone's lips.

I sat with Fujitsu PC Australia yesterday, by their invite, and had a great chat of things to come. Knowing that the iron was hot I thought I'd ask about the engadget's what David Niu, of Fujitsu PC Australia, had to say:

Hi Hugo

Biblo LOOX P70S is basically LifeBook P1510, Japanese domestic version with a Japanese black keyboard after I had a look at the product details on the Japanese site.

It’s not a new product unfortunately. ;-)

Kind regards


I'd be happy to do more exploring if anyone's interested; I really do like a good witch hunt!