Monday, April 24, 2006

UMPC in a Nutshell

During my travels, talking Tablet, I was contacted by a company in New Zealand. This Company, named Nutshell, specialises in the manufacture of leather goods and accessories. From looking at the website, and talking to the Owner of the Company, it became clear, very early on, that Tablet PC was a market that Nutshell appreciated and had targeted as having potential for growth.

Ian Miller of Nutshell is in fact so passionate that embedded in the realm of his website, a website designed to showcase the company's craftsmanship, there are links leading to UMPC cases. This was an exciting find for me because of the iPod phenomena and all the accessories that chase "it" around. If UMPC follows a similar route of accessorizing then we are certainly creating a vortex where the end-user converts his/her UMPC into an every day commodity.

The only danger is the one-eyed green monster (greed) lurking about. This monster has been known to attack companies of stature before (Apple seeks 'tax' on iPod accessories) and may strike again - watch out Microsoft!

As an FYI, I have been invited to “Talk Tablet” to the Tablet User Group in Wellington, New Zealand, on the 18th of May 2006. Everyone is welcome to come and catch up if you’re in the area. God only knows that when Craig Pringle and Hugo Ortega get in the same room, something special will happen.

Anyone else seen other accessories for UMPC?

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