Sunday, April 30, 2006

UMPC gets firmly planted on Apex

The eo still appears to be orphaned between the United States and Asia somewhere. Now that the time is nearing to partner and expand Ultra Mobile PC worldwide it seems as though the eo is finding a home with Apex Software.

This morning I woke up to an email pointing me to this article about a new partnership between Apex software and Tablet Kiosk, in the United States. Since a lot of you have been interested in who's actually buying these devices in Australia, and beyond, then this article should start to give you some clue.

From Apex Software Site:

Apex sketching and area calculation software is the premier sketching software for the real estate valuation market. Apex allows the user to sketch simple to complex areas, while automatically calculating that area. With Apex you save time and money in sketching the property, while delivering accurate area calculations and a professional rendering of the property. Apex Software can be used standalone, or integrated with any of the major forms vendors

The results have been translated to their website rather quickly too:

Apex Software Australasian Division

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