Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Craig Pringle declares UMPC giveaway

My inkably irresistible mate, Craig Pringle, seems to be throwing stones again. First he decides to publish shots of a new Tablet PC, without any further information, and now he wants a worldwide UMPC giveaway. Maybe Craig should talk to the ever so cool MiniMage that frequents this blog - she was also trying to round up troops for UMPC giveaways to begin.

UMPC giveaway, mmmm, sounds yummy. Will it happen? Don't you think it's the easiest most effective form of Viral Marketing that exists? Come on Microsoft, Tablet Kiosk, ASUS, Samsung let's get this done; Craig points the finger at me like I'm some high rolling Tablet hotshot!

If you'd like to see a Tablet giveaway in Australia and New Zealand, as that's my domain, then leave me your thoughts (you don't have to be Australian to leave your thoughts here)!

Otherwise hold your peace...LOL


The Miniature Mage said...

Let there be UMPC giveaways for every continent (and some island nations)!

Hugo Ortega said...

Thought you would, lol.

Fiji here we come!

Laren said...

Sounds like a good idea and more likely than me being able to afford the R10 they have at Officeworks.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Laren,

If anything you'd rather the UMPC than R10, I never heard a great tale coming out of R10.

"needless" to say (personal joke) UMPC giveaway will attract a better crowd than officeworks! lol

Jon said...

I'm all for it =)

In fact I recon there should be some sort of thing where the lucky recipient should in essence become a UMPC MVP, albeit an informal one.

That way there would be something it in for TabletKiosk/tegatech and the rest of the UMPC world.

CTitanic said...

What about a UMPC giveaway for bloggers?!

Hugo Ortega said...

now we're listening mate!