Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What is Hugo Ortega up to?

  • Make sure you visit Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat's Scribbles), partial inspiration for this post.
  • I will be in Wellington, New Zealand for two days "Talking Tablet." On the 18th & 19th of May 2006. While there I will be talking to the Tablet User Group based there - all welcome.
  • I will attend the Mobile & Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) to be held in Crown Towers, Melbourne Australia May 25th 2006 (hopefully some more exciting news to tell soon regarding this event).
  • I will conduct a "Tablet Talk" at the Microsoft Head Office in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) for the Windows Infrastructure Group on June 13th 2006. Level 2, 44 Sydney Avenue ACT, Walter Turnbull Building, Session 1: 16:00, 17:30 - Pizza courtesy Frank Arrigo, Session 2: 18:00.
  • I'll be at CeBit Australia on May 9th, 10th and 11th.
  • I'll be "Talking Tablet" in Cairns (North QLD) in May 26th 2006 if anyone there needs to catch up - let me now so we can schedule it. Please note that this is only a day trip.

Everyone is welcome to any event I'm hosting, they're always entertaining and light hearted; I'd love to see you there and Talk Tablet with you. If you're not in Australia or NZ at the time then lets hang out at anytime at all...


Sumocat said...

Very cool. Glad to be of partial inspiration.

Hugo Ortega said...

You were,and you are. keep up the great work mate!