Saturday, April 15, 2006

I think istartedsomething

The UberTablet blog serves as a source for all things Tablet enabled. In recent times I have been contacted by media, vendors and end-users, all seeking answers. One such contact came from an Uberly enthusiastic geek based in Melbourne Australia named Long Zheng.

Long has frequently pinged me on all sorts of matters, and I might add that at all hours of the night :-) Recently on one of our chats he needed a hand in purchasing a Toshiba M400 within Australia - one, or three, phone calls later and I'd sourced Long the best priced M400 in Australia. I had it delivered to him 12 hours after they had been released in Australia and he was over the moon.

As the days past Long started to enquire about podcasting and how he could be most effective. While I cannot say (I’ll leave that to him) that what I past on was neither influential nor effective, it did however garner some inertia from young Long.

Long has his own blog named Watch Long Zheng videocast this review of his newly purchased M400 Toshiba Tablet. Great Job mate, a job well done, really!

Dan Warne of APC Magazine Australia recently helped the Uber Tablet blog hunt down a Toshiba UMPC. It eventuated in Matt Codrington, Toshiba Australia’s Product Marketing Manager, jumping on the blog and saying hello. While the response confirmed that Toshiba was not taking part in UMPC, it did highlight how important the communication between vendor and community really is.

Good job Matt, great job Dan!


Long Zheng said...

Thanks so much Hugo.

I'm looking to venture into the world of podcasting/vidcasting and blogging. It's been fun so far, expect more stuff in the future!

Without Hugo's help, I would have never got this machine as fast as I did. I recommend Hugo's Tegatech to everyone who wants to buy a tablet!

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Long Zheng - star!