Friday, April 28, 2006

UMPC second allocation 20% sold out

Tegatech Australia today confirmed that the first allocation of EO Ultra Mobile PC has been a complete sell out in Australia and New Zealand. What's more interesting is the fact that their website now states that 20% of the second allocation is sold out too - and there hasn't been a delivery made to date!

WOW! I don't know about you but it sure looks like UMPC has a place in the market, and the market has a real story to tell...

Tablet Kiosk recently ate some humble pie and admitted defeat by announcing an unscheduled delay in EO deliveries (Tegatech Australia followed suit). While it must have been hard to face, the reality is that we must praise Tablet Kiosk for being so translucent with their business practices. Well done boys!

from the Tegatech Australia site (Ultra Mobile PC product page):

ETA in Australia is end of April 2006. Units will be allocated on a priority basis to orders placed, and paid for, as of now 29th March 2006.

[UPDATE 13th April 2006 10:30am] First allocation of eo is sold out (in black) and we have 7 only left (in white). Second allocation is now ON SALE and due for delivery in Australia on the 19th of May 2006.

[UPDATE 28th April 2006 17:28] First allocation of eo is now completely sold out. Second allocation is now ON SALE and is already 20% sold out. Due to final retooling the first allocation is due for delivery in mid to late May 2006 and second allocation early June 2006.


Chippy said...

20% of how many? So far, no-one has seen any real figures for sales. There will be a lot of software developers buying, some ebay speculators and the usual early adopters so i'm not too suprised that the device is in short supply.


Steve / Chippy.

Hugo Ortega said...

G'day Chippy,

I know that numbers are key to every equation. At the moment Tegatech Australia is being rather algebraic in it's equations due to protection against competition.

They are a Distributor and I know that their resellers are looking at UMPC as a point-of-sale device, home automation device, and for educational purposes. hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hugo, any word about the Samsung Q1 release in Australia? It's fast becoming my favourite model.


Hugo Ortega said...

I have some news but I'm under NDA so cannot disclose information...right now. Trust me, the blog, and therefore you, will be first to know Steve.