Sunday, April 16, 2006

It’s rude not to point

Tegatech Australia, and Hugo Ortega of the UberTablet Blog, focus on expanding Tablet PC as a concept and as an experience. Combined, the two serve as a proactive platform for evangelizing Tablet PC to a world not often exposed. As a blog the UberTablet blog stretches the conventional boundaries of expression in the Tablet space; as a business Tegatech Australia is Australia’s only Tablet specific Distributor. Often the two come together to affect our lives in a very real manner, the following report being a good example of that.

David Wallace, a friend of Hugo Ortega, and a C4 Quadriplegic, runs the lifekludger blog:

life=life; kludge=workaround
unforseen custom uses of general purpose stuff

The UberTablet blog recently helped get David his first opportunity to experience Tablet PC; the subsequent review is a unique insight into those living with a disability, yet it is much more than that. As David opens up his home to us you will find yourself inspired and motivated. He is an IT enthusiast, a fighter, and someone who should be linked to by all of us. His [ability] to turn his passion into function serves as an inspirational resource to this little blog.

Sahara Slate PC review by David Wallace.


"This issue of feedback is one I’ve never heard anyone talk about and one that anyone with all their senses working would not necessarily think about however it’s one I come up against in many areas of my life, not just computers."