Thursday, February 01, 2007

Toshiba R400 in the hands of two Aussie Influentials

*Update 02.02.07 13:21*By popular demand a Low Res vidoe (48MB) has also been uploaded. Follow the links below.
Jon has worked with Tom Cruise, Richard Branson, Kylie Minogue, and now he can add Hugo Ortega to the list! Well done Jon, you're a true ambassador.

Today turned out to be a blessing in disguise. What I had planned was a firsthand look at the brand new Toshiba R400 (don’t panic, I did that) but what ended up happening was rather special. Jon Dee, Founder of Planet Ark and Australian Spokesman for Al Gore's “an inconvenient truth” DVD, is a real gentleman and more than that he’s a geek like us. As the ultimate envangelist for all things ecological and Green Jon can frequently be spotted driving his Toyota Prius, planting trees, or living it up in his “solar powered” home!

What I didn’t realize is that Jon has been a long time fan of the UberTablet blog, and more importantly, of Microsoft’s Tablet PC. So at first when he made contact and offered me a look at the new R400 (as seen on Engadget) I didn’t actually believe he had one, until I got there that is! Jon’s primary intention with tablet PC is to become, and BE, paperless in every way humanly possible; and after watching this video I’m sure you’ll agree he’s doing a bloody good job of it.

So sit back with your favourite beverage and watch as one of the Globe’s premiere environmentalists talks through his experience as one of the first owners of a Toshiba R400. He’s already owned it for two weeks, which ironically, when calculated backwards, is about a day after its CES 2007 launch. (To not let Jon take all the glory you’ll note the diminutive little device I tout – after seeing the R400 I now call it the once famous Q1)

Watch the Video [Hi Res, 150MB] click here

Download the Video [Hi Res, 150 MB] right click here "Save Target As"

Watch the Video [Low Res, 48MB] click here

Download the Video [Low Res, 48 MB)] right click here "Save Target As"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice review.

In the beginning, a software program was mentioned that searches for handwritten information. I'd like to know what program that was.

Thanks much.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Tom,

I'll need to look at the video again or ask Jon but I believe it was OneNote 2007...

I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...


Elo said...

Fantastic VLOG Hugo and Jon! I absolutely loved the insights from a strong user giving bits of information about his daily use of the device! Great discussion points, there's lots in there to be explored more deeply in the future.

It was great to see Jon and his work is also of the utmost interest!

That video is staying on my desktop and I think I have found what I want. The R400 might be for me.

Hugo Ortega said...

cheers anonymous...makes me think I should start to watch my own videos! LOL.


Hey Elo!

I really like the fact that you saw this for what it was...Jon is iconic (like me) and his time is exrtemly valuable. By giving away his daily productivity secrets he's given us a free insight to a great mind! I was honored to be part of it and glad it's safely on your Desktop...away from the recycle bin I hope (no pun intended Jon!)

BTW, he and I both thought the same...there should be a round two (or three, or four) of this banter! What do you think?

Elo said...

I was going to comment on the fact that you two should do another segment!

There were many bits on which it would be great to see more!

I admit I was waiting with anticipation for Jon to come back to the Jasjam that he is using with the tablet as his other secret weapon...

This is another way to think about our daily productivity that was so interesting about Jon : giving way to new daily tools like the tablet to stay away from the real recycle bin because we use less paper in the first place!

Jon's insights are brilliant because if we bring Tablets in our working environment with that kind of rationale we can help to influence daily working practices. I am a researcher in the academic field and I can tell you that we use paper too much. I see people printing emails everyday... Forms being printed corrected and reprinted again, article drafts being printed 4 or 5 times a day during the revision process.

It's not the tablet that is so important here. It's the daily practices that are possible with such a device and that makes it a medium for change and progress.

So, in short, you two have got to make a come back!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey ELo,

The JasJam was omitted due to time restrictions, obviously; it’s a whole VLOG on its own! I will be back with Jon and we have already talked over some possibilities. My focus has been Tablet, but as you’ve gathered, more importantly, I am focused on Productivity. What was funny about meeting Jon is that he has lived on my blog for some time but he and I had never met prior to this. When we did catch up it was as though we were long lost brothers (from a different mother) if you know what I mean. He and I share a real passion for Public Speaking and Teaching…so good times are always guaranteed.

I promise more from him and I real soon…feel free to post some burning questions for us to follow up.

Cheers Elo for your support.

Alberto said...

First off I want to congratulate you & Jon for a great review/interview, it was great to see how Jon uses his tablet, it was even more enjoyable than the review of his great Toshiba tablet. Jon also made me realize how being a tablet user I am also contributing to the ecology. Hopefully you plan on doing some more of these interviews with Jon or anyone with his energy who uses a tablet.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aberto,

I really enjoy these interviews/reviews. Jon and are planing at least another and my plan is to open the floor o anyone wanting to be on the UberTablet Show. (I'm generally anywhere in Australia and will be in China so if you know anyone that wants to let me know).

After the first 45minutes with Jon I realised that the Tablet was going to become very seconary so I am glad this cam across.


Anonymous said...

Hugo, Great podcast.
Listen , My company (based in Michigan , USA, is expanding to Ausi , Yep, Australia.
Looking for IT contacts for our VP who's comming to Sydney soon.
if your interested, please email me
Russ Dyer
Network Administrator
Delta Dental

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Russ,

Now you know this is right down my alley...I will contact you shortly and continue the conversation offline.

Have a great weekedn, and thanks for the support!

Elo said...

I wanted to bring to your attention the bad review the R400 got from Dan Ackerman at I'm not sure what happened but Dan clearly did not like the device. In short he finds it underpowered, ridiculously expensive and what surprised me is that he reports a battery test of 1h54.

I can't stop thinking his review got biased somewhere.

Hugo Ortega said...

CHeers Elo,

I did see that review, and it was one of the motivators for going to see Jon and post my video so urgently. I know Jon was upset about some of these reviews as he found the device to be extremely productive and in fact trermed it "fast."

Happens! Maybe Dan has a Tablet he favors??? Dan?

Dr. Neil said...


who was the geek that suggested the client print off the email and fax it to themselves? ;)
Credit due, I believe

Great work on the vlog

Hugo Ortega said...

Ha! Dr. Neil!

Credit is something I am normally very good at although during the shooting I forgot who the geek! It was you and when I watched it back about a day ago I did remeber clearly it was you...

thanks for your support.

Elo said...

Is there any information out there on when the R400 will be available in Australia ?

Hugo Ortega said...

coming...I promise...coming!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elo

looks like its out there now - Portege R400

the local specs are different to the US - so check out this local review i found
Toshiba touts frugal new flagship

Anonymous said...

Hey Elo

its out there now - Portege R400

the local specs are different to the US - so check out the local media reviews
Toshiba touts frugal new flagship

Anonymous said...

There is a cool website about this laptop in Europe.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed watching your video review and have been quite interested in the R400. I think the ToshibaEdge with active notification is a bit of a gimmick though and somewhat detracts from an otherwise stylish piece of hardware.

One question I had was cocerning the battery life. I know Jon said it lasted around 3-4 hours, but in other machines I've read about the tablet, a consistent con is the battery life. Seems a bit odd to me considering the LED display and low voltage processor should be improving battery life. Any idea whats up with these other reviews?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

Interesting that you hate the Edge Display technology. I actually quite liked the idea. I find that there is a lot of function and poductivity in being able get quick access to some vital statistics. Maybe it could have been executed a little more delicately I agree. You know it is based on Vista Side Show technology? This will play a big role as we head into the future.

With regards to the battery life I have also heard that it is poor. I haven't been able to narrow down exactly why but I know it is there. You're right, the LED and ULV should give better consumption ratings for the battery, but sadly they don't. I'm seeing if I can afford to buy and R400 myself and then I might be able to give you a better response. Jon Dee said he was getting up to three hours on the battery and he seemed pleased enough with that.

Thanks for the comment mate. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say I hate the Edge display, I just don't find it all that practical. I mean, you still have to turn on the computer to check email right? And if my computer is off or in suspended mode, it would most likely be in my bag where I wouldn't be able to see the Edge display anyway. Plus I'm not so important that I need continuous notification of new email. All that spam can wait till I get home. If I really needed it, I'd most likely already have a blackberry or get notifications sent to my mobile phone, both of which are more handy and accessible on the go than a laptop.

I'd much rather have a tablet without the Edge display that is cheaper, lighter and with longer battery life.

I won't be purchasing a tablet until September, so hopefully along with Santa Rose, they will improve the design as I really like the new hinge and LED backlight display. But until then, my money is on the Fujitsu T4215.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

Makes sense, and perhaps hate is the wrong were I used. Sorry about that. Your case against the Toshiba R400s Edge Display is probably spot on. Whilst in Redmong I did see some other versions of the smae thing (by other manufacturers) and although I cannot say much thanks to NDA I can agree with your thougths regarding interacting with the information rather than just knowing it's there.

Thanks agian for the comment, it's clearer now.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Lapy King on pitt street in Sydney has a demo unit in their shop if you want a look-see.

I'm looking to buy one (my first tablet) and popped in for a look. Definitely a nice unit, with a very nice screen. And the touch/feel of writing on the screen really is waaay better (it sounds silly but it's the difference between a ball-pen on glass and ball-pen on paper). I think the R400 is the current sweet spot in terms of features for tablets.


Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Matt,

This is a similar conversation I was having with psybertech regarding Active Digitizer vs. Touch on this post.

Thanks for the heads up.

nicole said...

Hi Hugo, enjoyed your site and vlogs esp this one, love the paperless idea and the practices Jon uses.

I have a few questions after watching the vlog that I would really like your help and opinions on:

1. what was that mobile phone device that Jon mentioned about being a great paperless tool? I am shopping for a mobile upgrade, would like some food for thought.

2. I am also shopping for a tablet pc, and struggling. mainly btw the fujitsu P1610 + T4215, this toshiba R400, and the lenovo x60 tablet.

top of my considerations are:
* weight (cos I am a small person, hate lugging bricks around),
* CPU (i work in the the finance industry and would like to be able to run simulations on my pc, which requires CPU speed),
* battery life (short battery life anything <3hrs in my view = immobility = a desktop), and
* price (i am not a millionair, but i don't mind paying for quality).

# P1610 - love the weight, love 3G, concern over CPU performance;

# T4215 - got everything except for weight, Rob Bushway's inkshow said it felt heavier than the x60, and I felt x60 during my travel earlier this year to asia, and that was so close to my weight limit. i can't find a review you did on this model. please point me to the right site, or please do one if you haven't already;

# R400 - sounds fantastic, concern over battery life, over CPU which seems similar to P1610 in ghtz, and over priciness;

# X60 tablet - n/a in australia according to lenovo's website or only one model available which is the most expensive top of the range fitout with too much HD space I don't need; reviews rave abt battery life; and after watching Dennis Rice's inkshow, X60 and R400 seem to have similar dimension + weigt, except X60 with better CPU and battery life, so why should one choose R400 if X60 is also available?

# any other tablets you'd recommend me to consider?

oh, and I would need an external cd rom just to run applications. only the T4215 ticks this box. but i would pay for it separately, just want a good overall package that will "last me a while" - or is that a myth and a wrong way to approach technology these days?

3. on this note, I would also like advice on recycling notebooks. i feel terrible dumping my old dead units in the household waste bin whenever i do an upgrade (which could be freq for technology of this type).

i made some good effort searching the web for e-waste recyclers around sydney(including planet ark). most recyclers come up in the research are for commercial scale and for still working units. mine are "dead" by the time i upgrade cos i sometimes break it up to see / take inside components before i trash them, or they simply died from being soaked in tea or coffee or something like that.

i am more looking for a "e-waste 4 planet ark" type program similar to the "cartridge 4 planet ark" one at the post office. one with a place i can easily visit and dump the dead units. is there one? what's yours or Jon's recommendation?

thanks so much for helping develop the tablet forum, esp in australia. sorry about the very long rambling and for so many questions. viewing your blog has been most interesting and helpful. please keep up the great work you do...

cheers, nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

Well apparently my IT guys have go the R400. Unfortunately they're going to dumb-it by installing XP onto it (they're not going to run Vista until the first service pack comes out).

So here's the question....assuming that they are loading XP tablet version, is there going to be a big hit in features downgrading from Vista to XP?

Thanks for any help



Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Matt - ouch!

That hurts! Given that the R400 is Toshiba's Vista flagship device, and they worked diligently to get it to perform "perfectly" with Vista, I'm sure the Toshiba Team would about roll over and die if they read this post. (Sorry Matt C. and Christie O' of you;re reading).

OK, I got that off my chest.

Rolling back has its merits but I must admit I have never done it on an R400. Given that its drivers were built for Vista specifically I cannot be totally confident it will roll back easily or happily. I would love if you kept us informed here.

The main loss will be your "smart TIP". TIP (Tablet Input Panel) in Windows XP had a, algorithm that transcribed your handwritten notes to text. While it was "good" it was not clever. The manner in which it worked was that you, the user, had to learn its idiosyncrasise and ajust the way you worked. The new TIP in Vista actually has learning capabilities and therefore a better pen experience. You can actualy run through 50 tutorials to teach it how YOU write as opposed to you learning how IT want you to write.

Thats basically it - I could go on with enhancements to the snipping tool, the sidebar and its FUNctionality, the new Search box...and more. But I won't. By the time you read this your team has probably taken bolt cutters to Vista and dethrowned her.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Nicole - if you're looking for my response, to your wordy comment, here it is.

Anonymous said...

RE: rolling back to Vista...and first week with R400/Vista

Hi all

Well the short story is...IT tried to load XP but failed, and reinstalled Vista from the Toshiba discs. Basically they can't get XP drivers for the R400, so nothing worked. The R400 is very tightly setup for Vista.

But...part of me is wishing they did install XP. I've had the Vista/R400 for about a week and the OS issues are mounting...

a) Cisco VPN has vista incompatbility

b) Premium version of Outlook web mail can't write emails (bizarre)

c) My logitech webcam is unsupported ( a bit surprising/disappointing that the R400 didn't come with a built in webcam)

d) More wake-up/boot hangs than i can poke a stick at.

With regards to hanging, it largely seems to be related to trying to sleep/hibernate/wake when a wifi conneection is active. On one crash/hang, Vista actually told me that going to sleep when a modem (wifi) is still active is a known issue. Begs the question..."why is this so" in a final release product?!?

Given the R400's status as a Vista Tablet/Laptop flagship, you'd think that the R400 would be pretty sorted out in terms of out-of-the-box hardware. Sleep/hibernate is like a bread & butter function for laptop/tablet users. Very odd.

Basically i have little confidence in waking up from sleep or hibernation at present. Most times web-active applications hang (eg MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, etc...funnily enough, not Skype) and i can't access networking sections of the control panel (they hang!!). Presumably as a result of this bug, wake up & boots, seem verry slow. I'm still trying to find a reliable work around (any hints welcome)

Has any other R400 owner run in to this probelm i wonder? Hopefully it's not across the board...and i'm just "lucky"

Hopefully i can sort it out. The R400 purchase was not condoned by IT as we don't run Vista, Toshiba is not on our list of laptop suppliers, and tablets aren't on the list either. I'm really hoping i don't have to go back to IT with my tail between my legs.

Otherwise the R400 is pretty good. Pen has a good feel, the screen is v good, build is v good. In general a nicely setup machine. Inbetween hangs it's fantastic... love it!!!

The battery life for my usage seems to be around 2-3hrs, which is much less than my last Sony Viao (~4hrs), so the extra battery is on order!

HDD-wise I'd say that the hard disk could be bigger (Vista says i only have 28Gb left on my "70"Gb hard disk...not sure where the rest of my 80Gb HDD is), and it would have been nice to see a built in webcam. Some toshiba agents in Sydney offer an after market upgrade to 120Gb.

As to speed i think it's plenty fast enough for most uses, & is taste thanits specs imply. But I do sometimes notice lags such as when accessing the control panel(sometimes slow to appear)& especially when changing from laptop to tablet configuration when the screen can take a while to sort itself out. So it's fast but no rocket . . . perhaps Jon & Hugo have been on underpowered tablets for too long ;-) ... & I'm a tablet newbie. (athough the wifi issues may be contributing here too)



lee said...

Has anyone been able to load windows XP onto the R400 since??

I'm having many problems with it :(

Andre said...

He mentioned a software program which can be used to look up articles and issues.

What was it called?

Яйцо дракона said...

I managed to install Windows XP on Toshiba Portege R400. Soon i'll post large comment here, describing the process.

Anonymous said...

How to install Windows XP on Toshiba Portege R400

Success log. I suck at English, sorry.

1. Install windows XP tablet pc edititon. You'll see about 12-14 unrecognised devices in "Device manager".

Surprisingly, stilus will work, but not in Photoshop or other apps.
2. To make stylus work in photoshop I tried various new and old drivers from Wacom site

( And "Wacom Penabled Driver Driver 5.05-7 (RC)" gave the best

3. Then you go to Intel site or use google to find "Intel® 945GM Express Chipset" drivers. It's easy.
4. I've got problem, when I pulled the DC wire, display backlight suddenly dimmed. To fix this I installed

"common_modules_24895A.exe" common modules utility from some other toshiba laptop and it worked, allowing some

other pleasant features too.
5. Wi-fi and bluetooth drivers for WinXP googled very well too. Intel site doesn't provide proper drivers for "Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)" but if you google it a bit, you'll suddenly get them.
6. Sound drivers were easy to find too. Google for "Realtek High Definition Audio" and you won't miss it.

I didn't need Fingerprint reader, so I didn't look for drivers. But i'm sure it is possible to make it work on

WinXP. Also there are 3 mysterious "Data interface" devices and 2 "Unknown devices" left unrecognized. Dunno

what they are. Probably HSDAP, led-notifier or smth else.

Maybe forgot something... erm... questions?

Hugo Ortega said...

Thank you for your comment dragon-egg. It is fantastic to see the effort you went to.

Do you have any images you can email me: hugo at tegatech dot com dot au

Anonymous said...

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