Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hugo Ortega on Toshiba homepage

Hyperlink (bottom right) to UberTablet Blog from Official Toshiba R400 Product Page

I'm back from China and been little under the weather; I believe it was the air conditioning on the long haul flight. I’m still upset about the UberTablet Camera too although Camera Action seem to be working on that for me!

I was pinged earlier today via email regarding my blog. It seems as though my post with Planet Ark’s Jon Dee even caught the attention of Toshiba. This morning a very prominent link to my post has appeared on the Official R400 page! WHAT!!! This link, and the fact that my blog was also promoted on channel 10 Australia, means I probably have more than two or three readers now…cool. LOL.

"For a unique Australian view of the UMPC market, take a look at"

Channel 10 Australia


Hominid said...

Congrats, Hugo!

Not on the cold, but on the plug. :)

BTW, I thought I would let you know I settled on a TC1100 - because of my needs, I can go a generation behind at the moment.

Thanks again for all your efforts

Sorry about the camera...

Elo said...

Hugo, you promised us this year would be big. You forgot to say that YOU would be big as well!

You are too modest! It is all very well deserved and you will get a lot more praises this year, I'm sure of it! Glad you made it back safely, I can't wait to read your next entry.

It is hard not to be upset when we have been stolen something. It's a feeling of personal violation that is hard to ignore. In the end it's just a camera anyway. It's not like you gave it a name, right ? Well.... err did you ?

Cheers Mate!

Anonymous said...

Hugo, If Toshiba was Smart, they would put a little package in the mail to you to give the Samsung some friendly competition. Glad to see you made it home safely. Hope you get to feeling better.

Cheers from Florida

Charlie Thomas

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Charlie!

I'll send this to Toshiba and see what they say!!! LOL...let's see if they're "smart" or not.

Joe said...

congrats hugo- you da man! keep up the work pal.

Hugo Ortega said...

No Joe, you da man! Without readers I'm just a geek writing words and posting videos. With readers we're all rocking!

Thanks mate.

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