Thursday, February 22, 2007

MEDC Australia is approaching

MEDC (Mobile and Embedded DevCon) Australia is fast approaching and some facts are starting to emerge. Here’s what we know so far:
  • MEDC is going to be on May 16th, so keep the date free
  • it’s going to be a great event for developers and partners interested in Mobility and Embedded devices. They've announced new versions of Windows Mobile since the last MEDC so there will be plenty of great content, aimed at a technical audience.
  • Microsoft folks are busy getting a new website up but in the meantime users can go to to find out more about what’s on offer and to sign up to be notified when registration opens.

If you’ve ever attended an MEDC you’ll know that they are high energy and can deliver some quality deep dive sessions that you just don’t get anywhere else, and certainly not on shelves. I love the hardware (but that’s just me) and the presenters like Dr. Neil Roodyn and Nick Randolph always seem to make the event worthwhile. This year keep an eye out for my travel mate and fellow MVP James McCutcheon.

So if you’re in town and want to be part of The Solution then why not take part in this year’s MEDC Australia. You never know, you might see me on stage waving arms and chanting hallelujah! (Not that I've been asked to speak, yet, but I might just get up anyways.)

Aussie locals will be excited to catch up with favourites like Frank Arrigo, Jeff Alexander, Uber passionate Rick Anderson and the now legendary Don Kerr!


Amina Waters said...

MEDC 2007 is going to be better than ever. Without giving away too much, we're getting some great speakers talking about great stuff in a fabulous location...AND you get to meet up with several hundred other mobile and embedded gurus!

Keep checking this blog for the latest news....

Amina - (MEDC Australia coordinator)

johnell said...

hi! i just saw this video. i believe this is the future of touch computing. it blows my mind!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Johnell,

Thanks for the link. I've been following multitouch for a while and am an aboslute convertee. I think your comment would have been better placed on 9/10 better posts I've done but either way, cheers.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Hugo, are you going to Cebit?

Hugo Ortega said...

CeBIT where? Chich country?

Anonymous said...

The one in Germany

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

No I won't be going to Germany this year, in fact a had to stop a lot of travel I had planned as I am so busy here.

By the way, if you look at the Official CeBIT Blog (Australia), I wrote it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Does anybody know any upcoming IT events that may be related to Windows Mobile in Australia during 2007 (excluding CEBIT and MEDC)?

With best regards

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Denis,

I'm not too sure but I know the people that will know. I will send this link to several of them and get them to reply back here shortly. Please check back in the next few days.

Thanks for the readership.

James McCutcheon said...


MEDC is obviously the main windows mobile focused event. As much as I love windows mobile it is still a fringe technology compared to the worlds of web and desktop development.

What is great though is many of the other events are having mobility content such as the upcoming Security Summit and of course teched later this year.

Microsoft is also planning on running some hands on lab sessions for mobile development later in the year and also the Sydney Windows Mobile User Group runs monthly meetings about all things mobile thats worth checking out.

There is also overseas events that are more generic mobile such as the 3GSM

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers James...I'm sure Denis will appreciate that!

Amina Waters said...

I hear rumours that TechEd this year will also have some Windows Mobile content. Might be worth looking through the site at

Hugo Ortega said...

No this is looking like a thread where scoops might break! Nice work mobility dudes/dudettes!

(cheers James/Amina)

Jeff Alexander said...

Hi guys,

The only events I know of are MEDC and Teched 2007. We will have extensive mobility content at Teched 2007 this year. Also the meets monthly at Microsoft. To be notified of any upcoming events subscribe to out Technet flash newsletter at:

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Jeff,

This is turning inot a very resourceful thread!

Don Kerr said...


Jeff's suggestion to subscribe to the TechNet updates is one good way to stay connected with events MS are running. Another way is to ensure you are profiled correctly at
There is a specific area to outline your technology preferences, with specific choices for Mobile Development - and my favourite, Embedded Development :-).
This will ensure you get included on invitations for events that fit your preference when they are sent out from MS.