Thursday, February 08, 2007

Finally in China, Beijing

After waking up at 3am (Sydney time) James and I are pleased to announce that we are in China! While it is only midnight here, in Sydney it is 3:40am and my body sure can tell the difference! The flight was a good one and the Singapore stopover really helped.

Upon arrival at the Hotel we received a little envelope with details about the Vista Labs but I cannot post anything else until I "ask" tomorrow. For the mean time here are some photos from our walk through the airport...we're such geeks! The outside temp is about 0 degress celsius (30 F), and it bites.

BTW, there will be people from the Vista Team with me tomorrow so please post any burning questions you might have; any topic is fine as Tablet will only be skimmed over I imagine.

James at Customs and infront of a Great Wall Mural

Windows Vista greets us first thing!

(I like the interpretation of Aero Glass on this marketing)

Another familiar friend, i.e. Intel Core 2 Duo!


HG said...

Hugo if you get a chance to ask about some people getting less battery life running Vista even using the power save mode. I will try to find some post of some people saying they are getting anywhere between 10 to 30 percent less battery life. I did notice that the indexing is set at maximum proformance even under battery use so maybe thats the problem or something else that uses more power. Also why did they decide to require Vista to have such a high requirement to run the Aero Glass and extra eye candy? LOL... I will think of some more but as I right this am on the road and can't think anymore for now that maybe you can ask. What time is your Vista Team meeting that way if I come up with some more I will post.

Gordon said...

Glad to see you made it safely and found some marketing to make you feel at home. :)