Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hugo Ortega and Nicholas White

In keeping with vlogging tradition today I sat with Nicholas White from Microsoft USA. He and I have shared many conversations during the Vista Labs in Beijing and this short video is no different. Nick's role is to support all non traditional media (a man after my own heart) and create nurturing environments that promote growth. One method Nick uses is his blog, The Windows Vista Blog, in which he publishes resources found within the walls of the Microsoft Redmond campus. The other method is through featured communities in The Hive (

I mentioned Nick in a post yesterday quite heavily yesterday but all I want to say is this, if you get a chance to spend time with Nick it is well worth it. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and seems to articulate subjects with the elegance someone much older than he. I appreciate his enthusiasm and the level of commitment he brings to his role…well done mate.

Here’s a short interview I conducted with him in China today, and yes, I also managed to bring UMPC and Tablet into the conversation!


propstm said...

he said it now we need to know. How does the R2H get 2 gigs of RAM?

kornel said...

I think he means the R1F - there were pictures of that one with the light-up windows logo

Steven said...

I want to know the same thing. Can a current R2H handle a 2G chip? Does such a thing even exist?

Hugo, thanks for all the Vlogs and pictures. We are getting spoiled. You are raising the bar, man.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Matt/Kornel/Steven,

Sorry about the communal reply here but I am off to the Great Wall in 10 minutes.
I believe Nick was talking about the R1F also; either that or Redmond knows something we don’t know. I am about to see him again in a minute (as we are going to the Wall together) so I will ask him. You might remember in the video that he mentioned the R2H as the best Tablet he ever used. Well anyone who has used the R2H knows that it can’t possibly be the best Tablet ever! But the R1F has a chance. I will ask though and post back on this thread.

You’re welcome as usual Steven…thank you.