Friday, February 09, 2007

Panasonic Touch Controller for 65 inch Screen

Sitting in my hotel room I watched as CNN presented a look at Touch Screen technology and its popularity today. They mentioned the Apple Phone, other Cell Phones, and PC monitors (no mention of UMPC regrettably). Having said this it did remind me that two days back I shot a super cool video I wanted to share. I am starting to see that the term Tablet PC is slowly creeping away from "Pen features" and rapidly becoming a new way of describing "form factor." While this video does not involve UMPC or Tablet it does build a strong case for Touch technology.

This brief video was shot on Wednesday the 7th of February while in transit at Singapore Airport. I took a minute to capture it for you because of the sheer amount of thought/technology/effort/convergence and much more that must have gone into such a concept.

What you are looking at is a Panasonic 65 inch Plasma that is being controlled by a glass projected Touch Controller UI! WOW. Check it out here:

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