Wednesday, January 31, 2007

R400 VLOG tomorrow

Guess what! Tomorrow I am spending time with a friend…and his shiny new Toshiba R400. And I will VLOG about it! Anything you want to know?

I can't say more in case some crazed blogger or journalist beats me there...shhh, don't tell anyone.


Elo said...

I'd like to know something about this type of tablet (convertible). I am curious how you ink with a thick tablet and substitute the traditional way of taking notes. I am referring to being seated at a desk with a book on one side and paper on the other. One hand tends to the book while the other writes on paper.

This position is comfortable normally but I cant see how to make this work when now you have to take note on something that is much more thicker. I'm not sure if you see what I'm talking about but I'm trying to think about this from my daily practices as an academic researcher.

Granted it has nothing to do with the R400 in particular but these issues are far more interesting to me than looking at the nice ports a device has (too many bloggers are spending far too much time on specifications and I see very few content on practical uses and problems discussions related to our daily work practices.)

That's why I love your blog Hugo, you take a step further. I'd like to know what you like, don't like about it in regard to how you work with a tablet and tell us a bit more about that in particular. Am I making sense ? I'm not sure I have expressed my questions properly but hey, obscure and abstract observations are part of my trade! Need... coffee...

Hugo Ortega said...

HI deseperatly seeking coffee! (ELO)

I fully understand the question and where you are coming from. I will attempt to cover it in today's video and give observations in the notes as well.

Your comment, and the orientation of my blog, both revolve around the fact that a practical approach to problem solving is very often better than a technical or scientific approach. Coming up with content is easy for me on my blog as I take the practical approach.

Let me know if I answer yur question correctly once the vid goes up, otherwise we'll keep trying and trying.

thanks for the opportunity to help you.