Friday, March 23, 2007

Chuzzle a hit on Q1P

As you know I have come home (from Seattle) with a Samsung Q1P in my pocket. I haven't had a lot of time with the device and I know many of you are waiting for in depth technical review of the product. Until then however allow me to share this, “Chuzzle Rocks!”

Chuzzle is a game designed by PopCap. And my son loves it. Here he is playing the UMPC friendly game that fits nicely into the full screen. The best bit is that it can be played using nothing more than the finger. I’m sure the fact that my Q1P has a HID (Human Interface Device) Driver installed also helps.

Samsung Q1P and Chuzzle!
Natural Interaction is the Future!


Robert said...

Greetings Hugo:

Thankyou for sending me a reply from YouTube.
Yes its me Robert from Montreal who also sent you a message on Skype.
My first message on YouTube was a question I asked. What would be a future feature on a UMPC that you would like that is not available at this moment?
That was great VideoBlog about the
Fujitsu P610.
Regards Robert

CTitanic said...

Hugo, how do you know that your Q1P has a HID (Human Interface Device) Driver installed?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Robert,

Sorry I missed your ping. Either way I thank you for your enthusiasm and for the compliments.

As far as the Ultimate UMPC I think that is very difficult to answer. Right now there are so many variations on the platform that I am yet to decide what will suit my needs. There are a couple of things worth mentioning: Touch (love it), Digitizer (need it back), QWERTY keyboard (not needed as long as Soft keyboard is better), WAN (very beneficial).

Right now there are too major setbacks I can see, i.e. Processing power and battery life. The processing power will obviously get better once the volumes of UMPC shipped increase. With regards to battery life however it seems to be a real bottleneck. Toshiba for example has been working on Methanol Battery power as far back as 2004 (help me out gang, I'm sure a lot of you know more about the history of methanol computing than I do).

Any way, lets see what others think is missing from UMPC today?

Hugo Ortega said...

I'm glad you noticed Frank. Yes, the Samsung Q1P I have does in fact have the HID Driver, and it makes the device much nicer to use.

Anonymous said...

How has it improved from HID Driver? I would love to know this as its crucial in my purchase decision.

CTitanic said...

Hugo, but you still have not answered my question. Did you upgrade it? or it's a Vista Pre installed unit?

CTitanic said...

Anonymous, who ever has used a device with HID drivers will tell you that it makes a huge difference.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Frank,

HID is cleverly installed on this Q1P becasue it came out of Building 32 in Redmond. While at the MVP Summit I was able to walk away with this (not for resale) unit that actually has HID and all the Samsung utilities working.

I will do a video on Monday to show you the benefits. What do you want me to check for you?

CTitanic said...

Hugo, did that unit have originally installed Vista?

Q1p with Vista Pre installed by Samsung comes with HID. A group of Q1 owners and me have got all vista drivers but we can't get HID support. We have found that the Q1p released with Vista uses the Microsoft Generic HID Driver but we have not found a way to have Vista recognizing the Q1 touchscreen has a digitizer.

CTitanic said...

So, I actually have all drivers and tools designed for Vista by Samsung running in my Q1 but HID.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to heir about:

Actual handwriting (not conversion--I've heard all positive on that) experience in Vista with HID - ease, quality, vectoring etc.

performance and battery Qs Vista vs XP

any and all "notables" for you

I'm really looking forward to it.

Hugo Ortega said...

Got it anonymous. All that and more.

Thanks for your enthuisasm and support guys.

CTitanic said...

Hugo, Did you upgrade it? or it's a Vista Pre installed unit?

You have not answered this question so it seems to me that you are under NDA on this one too and then the answer can be only one, it's an upgraded unit.

psybertech said...

I gotta say I love the platform and even more, my Q1P!

Vista has been great on this and so far it is what I show off when people have anything, good or bad, to say about Vista. My Q1 defines the "Wow" factor!

I want true HID support and what I am reading here seems to imply a hybrid Touch/Digitizer thing. Awesome.

Now if the rest of us could get it working on an upgrade we would be in heaven! When that happens I expect most of the XP fellas to upgrade since they are waiting for a complete solution.

Anyway, as always, good to read what you are up to Hugo.

Thanks for helping push the platform and the Q1!
I am a more productive person and am having more fun with it than I can recall in recent years.


Jay - psybertech

Hugo Ortega said...

Wow Jay,

You sound very besoted with your little Q1! That is great. I have always said that this technology is more than a toy, it actually works too. Your comment proves that so my hat off to you.

WRT HID, and as Ctitanic has guessed, I am a little stuck with how and when I can talk. I am already getting a little heat regarding just how much I disclose to you guys. I think its worth the heat however given that so many of you are interested.

Stay tuned for more info on HID as I am allowed to talk about it.


CTitanic said...

Well, that's a good news. So, in some way we have HID drivers already. The main question is when we are going to get it. We have the rest of the Vista Drivers and our guess is that this HID support is coming via some little tweak.

Hugo Ortega said...'ve done well!


CTitanic said...

Well, there is not any lock that is 100% safe.

We think that we are on the way to get it. And of course we are going to posted. ;)

The main problem we have now is that no everybody works with our tempo and dedication.

uczmeg said...

Just wanted to add, there are lots of us eager for a Q1 HID solution. We just aren't as vocal as Jay and Frank who are championing our cause!

Look forward to the review Hugo. I hope to Vista my Q1P later this week.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Frank,

Great job. The reason I fudge my NDA is that word needs to get out about this stuff and you're right, our tempo and dedication is pretty good!

Good job Frank.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi uczmeg!

I will do it as soon as possible but always remember, your enthusiasm is worth its weight in gold. Without it the UMPC might well have been dead and buried...without it, UMPC has grown from strengh to strength.

Now we just need more recruits! *smiles*

CTitanic said...

Hugo, when do you think that you will be able to tell us anything about how to get the HID support, taking in consideration that we have already all Vista Drivers?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Frank,

Not sure but I am planning on finishing that Video tomorrow to show you some features and benefits of HID. Thanks for the enthusiasm, you rock mate. By the way,my Q1P does not have screen rotation working. How did you get that working?

uczmeg said...

Frank will swap you his rotation for your HID.... ;)

Hugo Ortega said...


CTitanic said...

Install the intel drivers from our Vista Drivers site ;)


Check that link, probably you will find many things that you did not get from MS. But... you got what I want.

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