Wednesday, February 21, 2007

VLOGS to resume ASAP

*Update 2nd Feb 2007 11:46am* I'm back baby!

*Update 2nd Feb 2007 11:46am* I'm back baby!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m suffering from VLOG withdrawal syndrome (VLOG.W.S). Since losing the camera in China I have done little by way of blogging or vlogging, so I guess this post is designed to let you know that I’m OK and that the camera…replacement…is on its way! The irony is that when I was shooting with John Garden from Scissor Sisters I actually forgot my famous remote control and I improvised (to the shock and horror of John) with a hand gesture.

If you missed it make sure you watch part three of this video and right at the end you will see the funniest thing ever. We both laughed a lot about this. Oh, the irony. The irony is that all I have left of the original camera is the original remote control, and nothing else. So now I sit and point the remote…at nothing! LOL.

Good news too, Jon Dee and I have decided to make a return. Due to a massive wave of demand both online and offline we have decided to shoot again, on Monday, and post the results. So stay tuned, Hugo Ortega and Jon Dee on the UberTablet Blog one more time…

Hope you’re having a great week.

PS. If you're in Australia and you switch on your television to Channel 10, on March 4th, then you're likely to catch Jon Dee on COOL AID: The National Carbon Test


Steven said...

Glad to hear you are still around. I hope you're feeling better.
Hope the camera arrives soon. With all the attention your blog is receiving, you've got to maintain that high level of excellence. Weaker men would crumble under the weight.


Elo said...

This is going to be great! I can't wait for this video.

Speaking of weaker men... I need more coffee.

Hugo Ortega said...

If anyone has any questions you want me to fire at Jon then let me know between now and Monday (the 26th Feb).

Thanks Elo...mmmm, coffee

Elo said...

One thing I wish you guys would cover a bit more is the paperless possibilities of the Tablet and UMPC. In the first video you touched a bit of that subject. What are Jon`s secret weapons and tips for being paperless and what are your thoughts, Hugo, on that as well.

Hugo Ortega said...

Great thought Elo! You'll get plenty of that, I promise.

HG said...

Hugo what OS do you prefer on your Q1? The Vista OS or the XP OS?

Hugo Ortega said...

Vista, absolutley all the way!

Anonymous said...

I've found very informative blogs and videos on your site, but one subject I've been very interested in was your opinion of the Samsung Via based Q1b. I know you've been using one for the last few weeks and was curious to know what you thought of the processing power and battery life compared to the Celeron Q1 and other UMPCs.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Bill,

Ironically I was wanting to post a video but, as you might guess from this post, have only just got my camera back.

Will post thoughts shortly.

HG said...

Congrats Hugo on getting your video camera. Now you can continue your VLOGS which are great. To bad you lost your video camera. Yeah I just formated my Q1P Monday with Full Time Vista no more Dual Boot with Tablet Edition. I almost have everything working except the screen size button for resoulution it doesn't change so am stuck at 800x480. I use the Q1P for work and its so portable using the Samsung case and keyboard. I also use the ThinkOutside bluetooth keyboard when needed mostly in the car and in between appointments. The only thing left is for Samsung to release the Vista drivers for the Q1's and we all can be rock-n-rolling.... LOL

Dave said...

awesome! new camera! cant wait for more videos! btw, im swinging back to Q1 for no real reason except you just cant beat its looks.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey HG,

The thinkoutside is an awesome beast. I own one too and I like how well it works (once it's paired).

Send me an email of your Q1P so I can put it on the blog, sounds like you and I are about the same stage on the Vista Street, i.e. waiting on Samsung! LOL, good job.


Hey Dave,

You're a maniac! Q1, for looks, and you probably wear Gucci too.

Reminds me of the first photos I published of the origami devices - I was one of the first in the world to publish photos; look at the date and time and tell me if you can find anyone ahead of me.

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