Saturday, February 10, 2007

UMPC is MASSIVE in China

Now when I say UMD (Ultra Mobile Devices) are HUGE in China, I mean that quite literally. Tonight after the Labs had finished we caught a wild taxi ride into the heart of the city and made it to the Tech Centre. While there we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people and high energy buying and selling that occurs. Not only did it resemble a stock exchange floor trading in the middle of the day, but it also seemed like every manufacturer and subsidiary had strong representation on the ground.

To me one of the obvious stand outs were the Bill Boards and Advertisements on the streets. There was Windows Vista, and Lenovo…Vista, Intel, AMD…Vista, ATI…and did I mention Vista! It’s EVERYWHERE. However, it was a massive sign on our left that truly warmed the soul. I managed to spot it before anyone in the car did (which came as no surprise) as it was the biggest poster of an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) I had ever seen. The advertisement was for VIAs C7-M processor, and the device was the TabletKiosk (Amtek) V7110. Take a look at just how big it is!

Also a sight for sore eyes was the Samsung Q1. I found it on sale in not only one, but two different stands inside the massive Tech Bazaars. That was sweet!

UMD stands tall in China
(above me)

UMPC is massive here


propstm said...

hmmm, a VIA UMPC too! That is cool!

Hugo Ortega said...

Too much fun here! LOL

Sumocat said...

Now that's how a UMPC should be advertised!

Dave said...

hugo, did you take a look at the price of the Q1 there? I was in beijing and shanghai just the other week and wanted to buy one, but whoa! the price!!! they all started at about 12000RMB roughly $AUD2000! so i left china...again...unhappy

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Sumocat!

Think you're right mate...that's what we need!


Hey Dave!

What's with the price! 12,000RMB is all I could find too, which out it way over the Aussie price. We were trying to work out if that's the "gringo" price, or perhaps they were getting a raw deal from Samsung.

Dave said...

hey hugo, damn, thats a real pitty about the cam, i know what its like, ive been to the great wall a few times both in summer and winter, and it always takes ur breath away! (literally :p) make sure yuo grab urself a new cam, plenty to chose from and cheap there - or even better, "thanks cameraaction camera hosue" :-) they are good guys there.

yeah, the q1 price is way over the top, both in the markets and the big dept. stores, probably a raw deal from samsung because i couldnt get one person to go below 10000RMB, cheaper for me to get one in the states. Anyway, i think im going to get r2H purely for the vistaness of it, you are the expert though, should i wait for UMPCv2 this year "built for vista" ?

Enjoy your time in china.

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