Saturday, March 17, 2007

Got my hands on a Q1P

I've returned to Australia from the United States and more excited about Tablet PC than ever. While some of you are screaming for updates I will have to let you know up front that most of what I saw/heard/touched is under strict NDA. I will however tell you this, the Ultra-Mobile PC platform is here to stay and shows no sign of slowing its coverage. In short...EXPECT MORE!

From all the things I can't report there are some things I can. The first is that I have expanaded "the family." I've actually pulled back into Old Sydney Town with a Samsung Q1P in my pocket (figuratively speaking). This little device now rounds up my Samsung trio to include the Q1, Q1B and Q1P. In the next few days I'll post more thoughts but let me know what I need to cover off for you! I'm pretty excited about having the P as it is the only Samsung with a Pentium M; so multitasking is just around the corner - now Kevin Tofel and I have even more in common than ever. Make sure you read some of his latest posts regarding his interactions with a Samsung Q1P.

In other news I also managed to get my hands on a Medion UMPC, albeit a demo (non-working) unit. Whilst I could not boot the device I can assure you it probably runs OK. What was interesting was the form factor. Not only did it feel good in hand but it also was quite funky! The slide-out keyboard concept is functional and I can only imagine it is going to become a common feature as we see more manufacturers enter the market.

So enough unsaid said. Stay well, speak soon.


Flyer2000 said...

Hallo Hugo,
please visit my site, because there's something waiting for you:

I am a big fan of you and your site, so please go on that way! And if your work brings you to germay one day, please tell me!

Greets from Germany!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the Q1Pwith Vista pre-installed. I have been really wanting to hear about it, especially on Vista handwriting and on digital inking, vectoring etc. I look forward to hearing about your experiences. BTW -Your blog is the best. You humorous and personal touches really add a great energy. Thanks!

Kevin C. said...

Gosh Hugo, I really feel sorry for ANYONE who has a bunch in common with me. ;) Just kidding mate; congrats on "completing the collection" of Q1's. While I no longer have my original Q1, I do own the Q1P and have a Q1B on loan from Via. What device shall we get next?

MathProfJohnson said...


I think you are one of the few people with more devices than me. However, why pick up another Samsung Q1 (albeit a P) when there are so many other devices to choose from?

I am itching to get another device, but I can't figure out which to get next. The new resolution on the Q1 ultra sounds great and I have my eye on replacing my p1510 with a p1610. Still waiting for that integrated WWAN here is the U.S.!

Glad to hear you had a good time in Seattle.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Flyer2000,

Wow, had I of been in Germany you that I would have beat you! LOL. Seeing your blogpost and your photos really made me laugh, and, feel almost like I was there with you. In fact seeing my ugly mug (face) on your Q1 Ultra is nothing short of virtual bliss.

Thanks for the post and for your initial thoughts. Sounds like you missed this movie: Hugo Ortega spends time with the Toshiba R400.

Thank you and see you in Germany one day.


Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the great compliment mate!U ROK!

Yes, I have picked up the new Samsung Q1P with Vista pre-installed. I will post a video review of it early next week for you all to look at.

Thanks for your suport/love/enthusiasm!!!



It is a shame you missed our Tablet Tablet geek-out on night one of the MVP Summit. We really have to do something about getting you involved. The lamb shank was the ebst bit...oh, and James was fun too. ;-) (Far better looking in real life!)

As far as next device I've got my eyes on some of the slide out keyboard/touch/active digitizer combo models...oops, did I just say that...


Hello MathProfJohnson,

The Q1P was thrust upon me more so than chosen. As we left the MVP Summit we obviously received some swag. In that swag we had a selection of UMPC to chose from and the Q1P was the only one I don't own...that's the problem when you own too many devices I guess...something you can relate too. :-)

Integrated WAN is the future in the eyes of many so expect more in that arena...lots more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo so now that you have the Q1P how do you think it compares to the others; Q1, & Qb. I have the Q1P since January and really like this device. I use it for my job and every where I use it everyone always wants to see it in action. LOL I have installed Vista on it and everything is working great except for the HID; since Samsung hasn't posted any drivers for it. I will be looking forward to your VLOG on the Q1P running Vista hopefully soon. LOL So how lucky of you to get the Q1P and what do you think about the Q1 Ultra. Do you think you will be owning one these devices? If you get a chance can you do a battery life test on the Q1P; I had mentioned to Kevin at JkonTheRun about the Q1P having less battery life with Vista and he also agreed with me on that so want to know if Samsung has provided a new battery life program to extend the battery or something else. Also thanks for the link to James M will let him know you said hi.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Hector,

I must admit that battery life doesn't seem as promising as it did on the Q1B. I am keen to see how it all works but for now you will need to wait toll I vlog it...perhaps a Q1, Q1B + q1P mashup.

As far as my thoughts on the Ultra go, for now all I can add is that the QWERTY does not provide a good enough solution for typing as a slide-out might. I am keen to try it but I cannot see a 800 MHz device fitting in my artillery of devices...Q1 or not.

Anonymous said...

Hugo does the Q1 Ultra have the Duo Core ULV? I also see that it is a 800Mhz processor which hopefully it is a DC; I wouldn't want something slower than my Q1P...LOL Hugo if you get your hands on the Ultra let us know if its a DC. I do like that it does have the SD Card built in; I take several pictures with my camera and this would make it easier to upload. Right now I use the USB SD card from SanDisk which converts into a USB flash memory very cool.

Robert said...

Hi Hugo,

Can you check on the microphone levels for the Q1P? Several users are reporting no microphone input with Vista on there small tablets.


TXGitarman said...

Hi Hugo,

I came to the "tabletscape" with the release of the Samsung Q1. It's the first tablet OS device I've ever owned. Using the Q1 has really gotten me interested in the whole Tablet PC experience. Although I have several other notebooks, I sort of have this unexplainable curiosity about trying out a "real tablet." I'd really like your thoughts on whether you've completely abandoned using all other tablets to the UMPC platform or do you still see value in owning both platforms? Do I just need to let it go and be happy that Vista seems to be working pretty well on my Q1 with 1GB ram? I really would appreciate your input since you've used them all and you are obviously a big fan of the UMPC platform. Thanks!

Bill (aka Tax Man)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

I agree with you, the SD card slot is a very welcomed benefit. All I need to do is change my camera now to one that actually supports it too. LOL

WRT the Tablet PC vs. UMPC dilemma I believe you are not alone. While I am a strong advocate of the Ultra Mobile PC platform I must admit that I have a soft spot for "real tablets." So much so that I still own at least three reall ones.

The inking experience to be had from Electro Magnetic (EM) input is superior to that of touch. It purely comes down to the amount of pixsells shown on the screen. If therefore you were looking to be doing a lot of writing I just can't see why you would stick to a UMPC at this stage. If howver you right "every now and then" then it may pay to get a UMPC that favors hand written input. I recently reviewed 5 UMPCs on a video in case you're interested in which one inks the best/worst.

Try a "real Tablet" mate and I am afraid you may never go back! Let me know what happens!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Bobby,

"Can you check on the microphone levels for the Q1P? Several users are reporting no microphone input with Vista on there small tablets."

Great question!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Bill (aka Tax Man)

I sort of got your comment and Mr. Anonymous's comment mixed up. Sorry. If you read his comment (two above this) you should be able to get a feel for my thoughts.

Thanks for the comment.

Bill said...

Thanks. Hugo!

I did see your comment and I appreciate your taking time to share your thoughts. I also read with great interest Tracy Hooten's post on Student Tablet PC about her attempt to use her Q1 in class. I also posted a similar question on GBM and got some good feedback. Fry's has the Fujitsu T4215 so I will try to get over there and see if I can see it in real life. you seemed to have turned over that tablet pretty quick. Not what you were expecting?

Love your work! You make me laugh!

Bill (aka Tax Man)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Bill (aka Tax Man),

Sounds like you're being the clever old sleuth. Well done. As and FYI the only reason I turned over the T4215 is that I can't physically use all the devices I have! LOL (not a bad problem to have is it?)

I'll be honest with you right now though, it's the R400 or the T4215 I am eyeing as my new fulltime machine. Knowing that I've owned the T4215 says a lot about that device and how I feel about it.

Great comment!

TXGitarman said...

Hi Hugo,

I somehow missed this VLOG with the R400. What a fun video! You introduced us to an interesting character as well as a cool machine!

Bill (aka Tax Man)

Hugo Ortega said...

LOL Bill!

I guess that's why I have taught mysel to link back to my own videos. It would be impossible for you to watch all my videos!

Jon rocks doesn't he!

Steven Harris said...

I just got my hands on the Samsung Q1P (with XP). My first tablet. I love it. I've already blown people's minds when I walk into a meeting with it. It's going to be fun figuring out things to do--now that I'm ultra-mobile. You really convinced me to go the UMPC route, Hugo. Thanks for all the great info.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Steven,
Well done and congratulations. I'm glad I helped and sincerely look forward to hearing from you in the future. You have chosen well mate so well done!

Gotta love that feeling in meetings...fries people's brains doesn't it?!?! LOL.

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