Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So we decided to have our own dinner instead...

Tonight was just fantastic. Not so much because of content at the MVP Summit, as we haven’t even had one session yet, but mostly due to the Tablet PC folks. As I mentioned earlier I had managed to hunt down, and be hunted, by various Tablet MVPs. After spending a couple of hours together we realized that we liked each other too much to separate at this early point. What Microsoft had planned for us – the Regional Dinners – was very different to what we planned for ourselves. So instead of clowning around with our locals (something we do every day) we decided to clown around with our product team, something that had never happened before.

At the dinner we spoke of nothing other than Tablet…true story. Even when topics changed subject they were quickly associated with something to do with Tablet. The restaurant we went to was a rather classy Italian Restaurant named Il Fornaio. It served up some amazing meals of which mine was the biggest talking point – a dinosaur impersonating lamb shank!

The highlight for me was watching Dennis Rice and Chris Deherrara argue over the merits of Active Digitizer versus Resistive Touch. There were lots of good points made but I will leave it to them individually to report on the findings. Interestingly James Kendrick joined-in in support of Touch!

Here’s a photo from the gathering, care of GottaBeMobile (as too was dinner!!!)

Dennis Rice, Craig Pringle, Chris Deherrara, Frank La Vigne, Rob Bushway, Josh Einstein, Andrew Brown, Tracy Hooten, Linda Epstein, Lora Heiny, Chris Hassler, James Kendrick, and yours truly, Hugo Ortega.


mrwed said...

Hugo, I'm a Seattleite who's been enjoying your blog for several weeks now. Originally I thought I'd be hospitable and invite a lonely Australian traveler out for a beer, but I see your social life isn't suffering despite being away from home. Hope you enjoy your stay (it appears that won't be a problem) and get to see a few sights while the weather's good. Thanks for the entertaining blog--I've enjoyed reading the observations of a fellow tablet enthusiast.

Dave said...

lol, typical geek lol, don't worry I have gatherings like this every so often also. Hmm, maybe i should inspire to be a MVP? what do you think? P.s. i'm in love with my umpc - my quest is to create the paperless (almost) university experience.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi MrWed!

I can't believe my readers are in Seattle too, it's so cool! My night life has been totally looked after and in fact rather spoilt as you can see. If I were a lonely traveller (which I can't be with 1,700 MVPs) I would have hooked up with you foir sure. I will let you know if I have a spare half day...but it might be tough. Tomorrow I am in Redmond with the Tablet Team all day which will be great.

Thanks for the support and the offer. I have taken so long to answer becasue I am so tied up, but loving it.


Hi Dave!

Aspiring to be an MVP is probably not a bad thing, in fact it might be a good idea. It's not so much about the Status as it is about the people! What a team.

Sounds like you and Mr. Paperless (Jon Dee ) should get together.

Thanks for your support dude.

mrwed said...

Of course the offer of a beer stands, but from your posts I have the strong impression you'll be busy every minute of the trip! If I get down to Australia this year I may hit you up for a beer instead...or tips on good dive spots, at least.

I hope the jet lag isn't hammering you too bad.

Hugo Ortega said...

HI MrWed,

Did you know I dive? I got my license last year and aboslutley love it. The dive we shold do together is the Shark Dive at my local aquarium...for real!

Sorry about the late reply...every minute is taken up here.

Lora said...

Hugo, it was wonderful to see you. So glad we went to dinner that night. Why would we talk anything other than Tablets & UMPCs? Seriously.... ;)

Hugo Ortega said...

Yeah Lora, we had a blast!

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