Friday, March 30, 2007

My 13 Tablets will be shut down for Earth Hour 2007

Recently I posted thoughts regarding the environment and the impact we as humans are having. Rather funnily I found out that Methane created by cows farting create more harm, in one day, to the environment than a year worth of electricity consumed by Al Gore charging his Apple Mac.

That aside, I have two children and I know many of my readers are mothers and fathers too. Their future is more important than mine given that they have more time left on this planet than I do. I am a believer that the climate IS INFACT changing – whether it’s due to us, cows farting, or Al Gore’s notebook I’m not sure; I do know however that prevention is better than cure.

So when the lights go down in Sydney for Earth Hour on Saturday 31 March 2007, the best place to be is with friends and family. Grab a pizza, a set of Candles and have some fun with Earth Hour.

So what is Earth hour? Earth Hour is the launch of a 12 month campaign to reduce Sydney's greenhouse gas emissions by 5%. WWF-Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald are asking all businesses and households to turn off unused lights and appliances on standby. I for one, since becoming aware of this movement, have trained myself to turn OFF devices as opposed to always having them in sleep mode, especially overnight. Earth Hour is an effort to promote this train of thought!

We all know one hour will not reverse, undo, help, assist or prevent anything. But like a Coca Cola campaign, or a minimalistic ad for an Apple iPod stuck on a bus shelter, Earth Hour is designed to bring awareness. So tomorrow night everything will be off at my house, and that includes all 13 Tablets!

[PS. As usual Enviro-Techno-Guru Jon Dee is involved! ]


Dave said...

im in on it! and so should everybody!

p.s. i love that comment about al gores apple!

time to go green!

Im no greenie but I am an eco freak! I only use those eco bags and biodegradable plastic bags and recycle anything paper/cardboard, plastics (obviously the ones that can be) and glass. Its not hard to do your part in it.

At the risk of sounding like a greenie and one of "those" people...

give it a go, for the greater good of the earth - her you live here too!

MarkBoogie said...

hey hugo
You may get a kick out of this screensaver:

I wonder if it will work on your tablets?

Anonymous said...

the example about the cows farting .. it doesnt really work. when you say cows farting do you mean all the cows in the whole world? because you would expect all the cows in the whole world to create more damage than just 1 computer.
also, harm to the enviroment aside for a minute , the computer actually uses up energy, to make , to run and to use. the computer itself is made using oil which is running out. we are facing a huge energy crisis and we should stop using these new devices, tablets, umpcs, computers, new cars... because we are wasting the oil we need to keep the population alive till we have another source. but the wya things are going the oil will run out before we can change to another energy form ( if there even is one) and this will lead to wars over the last of it. billions will die from starvation. this is all in the next 10 - 50 years .

Hugo Ortega said...

Well donDave...I saw that coming! :-)

Both you and I mate, imitating greenies! LOL.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Mark!

Love the screensaver, makes sense mate! I won't need to install it as the first thing I do with any new PC I get is set the screen to switch off after 1 minute of being idle, and the HDD after 3 minutes. All it takes is a tap on the space bar to wake them up! At night I now religiously SHUT, call me revolutionary!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi might have this blog confused with the UberClimate blog! Love your comment but I think both you and I know that I'm not the climate expert...and you my friend are just a little too pessimistic to affect much at all! lol.

Anonymous said...

cool ortega, im just pointing out that you made a mistake. and from the looks of it this place hardly has any visitors lol.

Anonymous said...

ouch anonymous, calm calm, breathe! no need to take that tone of voice around here - we are all nice people as i'm sure you are also.

oh and there are heaps of visitors to this blog.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous One! I think you misunderstand my intentions. They are not environmental focused, I only claim to dabble. I thank you for yourcomment as I do all visitors to my blog but ask that we do not war over terms, thoughts or topics, other than that of Tablet.

I think the point to my post was that my 13 Tablets will be shut down (as an emphasis towards hot I "think" I am helping) nothin else.

Have a great year mate.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonyous Two!

Thank you star.

Anonymous said...

well , that is cool . I was just trying to raise awareness of peak oil , which is a very intresting subject that visitors to this blog might want to check out. continue the great blog work.

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Anonymous,

I think knowing about Oil, Carbon Dioxide, and our Planet is cool. But this is a Tablet PC Blog. I'm sure my readers know where to go to get breaking news regarding the environment.

Not to cut you off, feel free to continue leaving useful feedback here, or here, any time.

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