Friday, January 26, 2007

5 Different UMPC (video)

Five different Ultra-Mobile PC, in one home, meant another Hugo Ortega video was inevitable. While I tried to get this done several times I found the task a little overwhelming, i.e. so many subjects, so many possibilities. The end result is 35 minute showcase of the five devices and my thoughts.

Hope you enjoy. As usual leave lots of comments, and/or suggest what you’d like to see next.


Show notes:

  • Intro
  • Pen Input
  • Alternate Input Methods (methods other than the Pen)
  • Product Verdict

Devices (ranked from lowest cost to most expensive):


JKK said...

Nice show!
Just to correct a bit, HID touch drivers have no palm rejection.
The difference is that with HID, windows "knows" that you have a touch screen.
With 3rd party touch screen sw like in q1 and i72xx windows just thinks it's a mouse.
So if you'd have q1 with HID, you'd still get "vectoring".

btw: my umpc list:
btw2: new q1 joystic secret:
btw3: there is new "bolt on" simple stand for t700
btw: Q1B's battery savings comes from LED backlight

My pick would be new Q1P (LED screen, with 6 cell batt almoust 8 hours )if it had a mouse....

Hugo Ortega said...

Thanks JKK,

I'll need to look over the video again but I don't think I mentioned HID = no vectoring. Either way, thank you for your input. If anything else I'd alluded to the fact that there are just too many topics to cover, so all your "BTWs" could actualy go all the way to #101 if you really wanted! LOL.

Threads on this blog seem to always run deep and I believe this one won't be any different! Cheers again JKK...we finally got you talking. :-)

Steven said...

Thanks so much for the video. Believe me, I know you had to make a great effort to get this done. We do appreciate it.
The only thing I would add or ask... You did not mention, in your final verdict, the processor of the R2H.
My btw- AT Dynamism, the R2H is USD$100 cheaper than the Q1, but it doesn't ship with all the extras you spoke of.
Nice video.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Steven!

$100 less than the Q1 is cray, I never thougt that would be the case as here (in Aust) it is much more expensive than most...I guess it is all the inclusions.

In regards to the processor the R2H ships with a Celeron 900MHz processor in Australia - which makes really poor at multitasking too.

Kevin C. Tofel said...

Great stuff as always Hugo! As a long time original Q1 owner (if we can call 8 months a long time), I have no issue with you putting the Q1 second on your list. You made a compelling argument! Thanks too for the shoutout; I'm loving the Q1P. Once my Q1 comes back home from Samsung, I'll try to run some quick benchmark comparisons between the Q1 and Q1P. Cheers!

Hugo Ortega said...


You know I'm a fan of yours and vice-versa...with that in mind I want to forward people onto you as the most credible source of Q1 stufff...especially now that Sammie has had a sex change and become Samantha. :-)

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

w0w fantastic video mate!!

Just one question, Asus R2H goes to the 3rd place because the heavier touch needed and because you don't like "one-for-all" device, is that right?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Gab! Hola!

You're right, I don't like the all-for-one devices, and I really don't like the initial user experience as the device is heavy and slow (due to ASUS services runnning in the background). I did like how the RAM is expandible and I did like the feel of the buttons.

I still believe that the Q1, Q1B and the EO 7210 blow the ASUS R2H out of the water!

Elo said...

Again, great video! It was a great idea to compare the UMPCs and order them according to value and features. I am starting to think about how a Q1 could become a daily tool instead of a notebook. It's funny how after I've read a new article on your blog there is a feeling of obsolescence creeping up in my mind as I look at my notebook.

This latest video has me thinking about the value of the Q1 as an inking tool. The vectoring you demonstrated made me recoil suddenly in disg... ok, I'm dramatizing a bit. Seriously, would you say that leaning on the case and not being able to ink with your hand on the glass can be a very productive and natural experience?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey ELO,

I think anyone that spends more than six minutes with me, or on this blog, sees life a little different. LOL ("evil LOL")

But in all seriousness I myself am using the Q1 and find that in portrait mode, thanks mostly yo lots of plastic on either side of the screen, my handwriting is actually quite good. One funny comment I heard recently was that smearing doesn't affect lefthanded people at all as they teach themselves, as infants, to lift their palm of the paper (so as not to smear). If you're a lefty you're in luck...if not then I believe if they canteach themselves...then we can too!


Elo said...

I was also wondering if the Q1P with LED screen is available in Australia ?

Hugo Ortega said...

Q1P is coming! I will announce soon...oops did I just say that! ;-)

Aaron said...

Thanks for a great show detailing the major differences of the current UMPCs.
One question I have that I don't think you really answered. Now that you have a Q1b, how is the Via processor in the all important multi-tasking arena?

I was all set on getting the i7110 because of it's great inking as you demonstatrated, but you made a very compelling argument for the Q1B even with it's serious vectoring issues (IMHO).

But since they both have the same processor (I believe) and are the same price, what can you say about the multi-tasking of either now that you've had significant time to use it as a desktop replacement?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aaron,

THanks for the comments here.

In rewgards to IMHO it is important to first define your intended usage of these devices before settling on one. If you are NOT going to use the hand written input method then this should not be a major concern and I would suggest the Q1B over the Q1. If it is pen features however then the R2H and V7110 will be great.

In regards to Q1 vs. Q1B it is a matter of preference. The both seem to multitask the same, i.e. poorly, but the added benefit of the brighter screen and better battery life make the Q1B an awesome beast. I used it for over 5 hours on the plane to China and it performed like a winner.

All these posts were written on the Q1B (while in China) and it has performed well. I have, however, stopped using it as a primary device due to the poor multitasking abilities. What I am doing now is using it for blogging and occassionaly emails.

Let me know how else I can provide feedback (in a video perhaps).

Anonymous said...


I realize you did this some comparison video some time ago and there are many other devices that could be in the fray today, but I just wanted to say thanks. It was the only true comparison of features that I could find for real life, not just a check box grid of functionality. I used you video in making my decision to recently buy an eo i7210. Its a marvelous machine for me and I truely am amazed at its size and versatility. I do wish that there was an extended battery, but I can always buy a battery bank if I really need more. My decision was based on my functional desires for the machine, those being a mobile GPS for the car, a media device for home and car, and a portable tuning device for my custom built engine in my hotrod. I now have to fight my wife for the device on a regular basis due to her drug like addiction to Sudoku. Thanks again for helping, and keep up the great work.

Hugo Ortega said...


This is awesome! Your comment and others alike scattered throughout this blog, keep the whole thing worthwhile. You know I am honest, opinionated and most of all driven by the need to help. The fact that all of that comes together, and that somehow I've become part of your hotrod too, well it makes my day!

Cheers mate. Email me a photo of the UMPC and the hot rod!

Raymond said...

Hello! Just a few questions as I just watched the video and I'm just as excited as Hugo was:

1. What's the Windows score on the Shift?
2. If the Vista OS gets mucked up, how do I do a re-install? USB DVD drive?
3. Can I plug in a USB mouse, keyboard, dvd, etc.
4. Does switching from one Windows Vista to Windows Mobile rely on switching video inputs (like a built-in KVM switch) or does that put one of the two processors in standby?
5. Is there a way to use just one OS exclusively so as to save on battery life?
6. Have you tested its VGA output capabilities?
7. How much memory is available when using Windows Mobile?
8. Is the hard drive accessible when in Windows Mobile?
9. Does it use the old SD cards or can it read the newer SDHC devices?
10. How big is the AC adapter?

That's a boatload of questions for now. Thank you very much and congratulations on a great review! :)