Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jon Dee and the R400 - again

Incredibly my mate Jon Dee has turned up in the media once again, this time touting the Toshiba R400...again. Does this guy ever sleep…hey wait its 2am and I’m still blogging!

Either way I thought it was interesting enough to post this as Jon has done such fantastic work for the environment and his R400 is displayed as a testament to his commitment to a paperless society.

On this occasion Jon has appeared in Australia’s Courier Mail and Daily Telegraph. The title of article is Green Technology Strategy and Jon is the goofy geek smiling behind his JasJam. The article is extremely well written by Stephen Fenech as it helps capture Jon’s amazing personality and passion for tech. The best thing is that it allows several mentions of the Toshiba R400 in a very positive light and depicts the Green Technology Strategy as one we should all adopt.

Here are a couple of quotes I like:

"Apart from switching over to non-polluting and renewable green energy, generated by wind turbines and solar panels, Dee also lives a paperless lifestyle.
This is achieved via a Toshiba Portege R400 tablet PC and an iMate Jasjam Pocket PC phone.”

"You're even able to search through all your handwritten notes. I don't understand why tablet PCs have not had more of an uptake because once you've actually used one, you will never go back.

For those of you waiting for another Jon Dee/Hugo Ortega video I am afraid it will still be a little longer. He and I can’t seem to be in the same State or Country for long enough to complete one; but it is on our radars!


Dave - Lifekludger said...

Hugo, what app is John using on his imate there for drawing? I'm needing a way to draw o my pda and transfer to PC. Suggestions?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Dave,

I've shot him an email in order to get you a response real soon. He might even hop on the blog and tell you himself. :-)

That is a cool app and I can see how it might help you immediatley.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Dave,

The application is called PhatPad. Let me know if this works out for you mate.

Dave said...

im with john and of course hugo...
I'm trying to pioneer the paperles student at The University of Melbourne. I got my UMPC and ever since have cut the amount of paper i print in a week from approx 4 lectures worth (ave 45 pages each) to absolute 0! imagine the trees!!!!

I owe it to Hugo, Microsoft, Asus and most of all, my UMPC!

P.S> John am a massive fan :-) and boy do i want a R400 (my old R100 got stood on)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Dave,

I'm not sure how the math works on trees vs. paper saved but whatever it is you are doing great! Shame to hear about your R100, I hope you got the number plate of the sneaker!

Keep up the great work in Melbourne...

Dave said...

btw hugo, i think you should promote earth hour on your blog, put up a link to

even though im in melbourne i know ill be turning my lights off! (including my UMPC)

Hugo Ortega said...

Good point Dave!