Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bill Gates still totes the Tablet

This morning I had my first opportunity to see Mr. Bill Gates live. There was a real buzz in the air. Not only was the MVP Summit made up of “experts” worldwide but an increasing number of these experts are from overseas, i.e. those other than The Americas. For these folks, to whom I happen to belong, the ability to see Bill G live was something we all looked forward to.

As the group finished breakfast and began to line up outside the auditorium you could feel the excitement. Not only were folks starting to fight for the front row, but, there was actually chanting and cheering as well. Once the doors finally opened there was such a rush that if you WEREN’T using shoulders to sneak past other MVPs then you probably would not get a good seat. As it turns out, Craig Pringle, Dennis Rice, Rob Bushway and I all have good elbow power. We made it (as a group) to the third row from the front. At a quick glance I realized that many folks had video cameras out and no one was stopping them. So without delay I whipped out my camera and started filming.

Filming has a lot of negative repercussions (possibly) as I signed more NDAs leading up to this than I care to remember. What I have chosen to do is post a magic moment that occurred during the chat that relates to Tablet PC. Be careful however, if I am asked to pull it down, I will. If I don’t need to pull it down then I will leave it up to prove that Bill G still has Tablet on his mind, and in his heart. Nothing NDA there, just lots of love…and yes, that is me yelling out and getting their attention! LOL.

And yes, that is me yelling out to Bill!


Eugene said...

Wow - how many MVP's were there Hugo?

Hugo Ortega said...

HI Eugene,

By watching the video you can probaly gather that there are lots. The actual number at this event are 1,700. WOW. The cool thing about the MVP program is that the usual suspects are their, i.e. Word, Excel, Access and SQL. The bonus is that there are some more unique MVPs like XBOX, Messenger and Mobile Devices (phones)!

I don't know if I'm sounding silly but this many like minded people in one room is truly memorable.

Anonymous said...

hey weren't those guys in the red suites chanting "lets go Hugo, Let's go! or did I hear it wrong.

Charlie Thomas

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Charlie!

The Red Guys were "The Canadians." They were so pumped to see Bill. It was awesome.

You know that this footage is gold, I am fudging the NDA lines to bring you this so I hope you enjoyed it!

Ducknet Services said...

Great video and I have linked on my blog as well as well as a couple of your other videos. You really do good work! Great coverage of the summit and good to see Linda and Chris the in the videos. Keep the videos rolling!

Scott said...

Fantastic Hugo, Nice fly on the wall stuff. Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hye Ducknet,

My pleasure mate! Whatever best serves the community. In my case the videos seem to be popular so I guess you can expect more.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Scott!

Thanks mate. Being a fly on the wall is someting I'm good at. Look at this visit to an NDA Australian Bank event LOL. I got away with it too.

Hugo Ortega said...

Ducknet, can you please link back to the blog please in your posting. I am trying to not answer so many comments on Youtube as the traffic is big enough on UberTablet. A link to the post on my blog would be great. Cheers mate.

The Dreamer said...

Dear Hugo,

i was wondering what your oldest tablet pc is? If you where to sell it how much would you sell it for?

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugo,

i was wondering.... What is your oldest tablet pc? If you where to sell it, how much would you sell it for?

Anonymous said...

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