Sunday, March 04, 2007

UMPC is saving our Planet

for lovers of UMPC is that the little Ultra-Mobile devices are actually considered one of the smallest contributors to Green House Gases, and Carbon Dioxide gain.
As you all know Jon Dee is the founder of Planet Ark and he is also a Tablet PC user. His gola in life to to create a sustainable and renewable planet and he sees Tablet as playing a significant role in that; even the paperless office remains at the forefront of his Tablet PC productivity practices.

I want to take a moment to thank Jon and all of you that take the Planet seriously. I have been enthusiastic and interested but remain considerably ignorant. I pledge to make it my goal to gain any information that may be appropriate and disseminate it in the best way I know how, i.e. Speech, Vlog and Blog. If you guys want to be part of the solution then please point me to links and tips and tricks relating to PC/UMPC usage and caring for the environment.

As an FYI, and I know this won’t come please several of you, but Jon and I cannot shoot a video tomorrow due to other constraints once again. I will be “probably” be in Seattle next week on the MVP Summit which means the video may be delayed even further. I do promise to get back on the Camera however and it may even be tomorrow.


Elo said...

This is going to be painful to wait for that vlog of you and Jon but you both are busy guys. We can wait...again!

Seriously, this is a great post this morning Hugo. I have made the same pledge a little while ago. There are so many things that can be done on an individual level. Changing all the light bulbs in the house for compact fluorescent light bulbs is one, the appliances are another as there are very energy efficient appliances today. A washing machine that uses less water like the frontal ones. Changing the thermostat for digital and programmable ones. Just a few examples.

When I go back to Canada, my wife and I plan to build a special house with solar panels, geothermy and 24v appliances. We will buy a Toyota Prius too.

A good site obviously for information on how to take action is

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,
Useful forum -plenty of techies diving into the nuts & bolts as well as general.
on the SunCube Solar Appliance which can, for the first time, generate electricity on your rooftop at less than "On Grid" prices.

This allows a unique, effective and cost negative (reduces your electricity bill) reduction in both green house gas generation and peak network loading.

Installing SunCube Solar Appliances on your rooftop, you can both clean up the planet and reduce your electricity bill. Quite a good result!

Our web site has a lot more info, pictures and a video of the SunCube Solar Appliance

Hugo Ortega said...

Thanks for the feedback ELO,

Jon and I will get it done but it will be down to the time-Gods more than anything else. Keep you posted.

I hope you get the home done, it will surely lead to great things and will mean that you are part of "The Solution" as oppossed to the problem.

ClimateCrisis is well worth visiting online. My family and I have registered for Earth Hour, and we hope you all do to.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi SunCube,

I suggest you make time to visit me and perhaps leave a Cube for a month. My intention is to prmote these sort of solutions and I am in the process of looking at the alternatives, of which the Cube looks like a good one. Email me at hugo at tegatech dot com dot au if you're interested and want to talk more.

Alchemist2012 said...

GLOBAL WARMING IS HERE!!! People should always look at both sides and then use common sense to diced what to beliave.! A simple vulcano's eruption out puts more CO2 then decades of fossiel fuel burning! think! AL GORE is a member of elite secret society! research people while we can. Its politics. without GREENHOUSE gases earth would be -100F night and 200F day.

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Alchemist 2012,

I must admit that since becoming an amateur evangelist for the environment I have been met by many new schools of thought I had no idea existed.

I find what you've said very interesting and in keeping with due diligence I will be looking into it further. Can you post a link regarding further reading I might due regarding your theories?

Alchemist2012 said...

ohh hugo; We are living in a very disturbing days endeed; Where scientists destroy science, Doctors destroy healthy, the media destroy information etc... I figured if you are into technology, you must be smart too. Now; top American researchers are coming forward admiting they mislead facts for fear of losing US GOV funding scientists like Claude Allegre recanting their testimony on Global Warming there's also evidence of Global Warming occurring on Mars too and there are SECTIONS of the 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change' (IPCC) Assestment Reports that are unaccessible to the public; Also because since February 16, 2005 the Kyoto Protocol has cost the US over $300,000,000,000. - video 4mints. AU -
Documents: - - -

Today in day, if we want real information, we must go after it, because what they put in front of our eyes, its junk fiction, myth. So you are writting a book on UN relations, Great, look forward to read about it. I heard it on youtube. :) I 'm writting one on: Human Psychology, politics, religious and history of humanity and would like your advise later when I can aford a slate tablet PC :) So far I am a big fan of motion computing and kiosky i440 but I am waitting on SSD drives and better sound and graffics.

Have a good one.

Hugo Ortega said...

Nice job Alchemist 2012 on getting your message across, however, poor job on evangelizing mate! Calling me stupid on my own blog is no way to win me over or convert the unconverted. Imagine I started asking my readers "What's the matter with you!" and "Don't you get it, You idiot!" Not sure about you but I'd remove any glimpse of an RSS feed from that blog pretty quickly. Rapport mate…rapport!

Anyway, hopefully I've misinterpreted your comment. On a bright note I do relate to your passion. It has intrigued me and I will look at those links in about 9 days from now. Right now I am preparing for a trip to Redmond to hang out with the Tablet Team and have several deadlines to meet before then.

Thank you for your thoughts/links and comments. You rock!

Alchemist2012 said...

I'm so sorry if you understood it like that. I have absolutely nothing to win or lose in making people beliave or disbealiave in anything. In no way i mean to call you anything at all. If u understood like that: I apolodgise. Must be English is not my primary language. I'm originaly from Brazil and live in New York. So I will keep quiet from now on and that will take out the risk of anything. once again I am sorry and that was not my intention. peace and love.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Leandro,

You know I love you guys. I always make myself available to banter and look into things further. THanks for clarifying the issue, we're all good!

Hugs all round...

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