Sunday, March 11, 2007

UMPC get off to a positive start

Standing in line at the Internation Terminal in Sydney I was unaware that my first positive UMMPC experience was only but seconds away. As I waited for the United Airlines lady to usher me over I remembered that I still hadn't notified the airline of my frequent flyer membership status. Due to a recent trip to China I was now a memeber of Krisflyer and I was keen to get my mileage up. Regrettably my membership card had stilled not arrived so what could I do. All of a sudden I remembered an email I had received with my membership number on it. The dilemma I faced was that my Acer Ferrari (with the meil in it) was buried inside my luggage and safely under locak and key. Then I remebered the Q1.

My Smaung Q1 has now become one of my intimate travelling mates. It goes where I go, and vice-versa. As the line crept forward I was under pressure to perform while managing to keep my cool - don't want anyone to see me making sudden movement (you know, this day and age and all that!) So as the catterpillar took one step forward I decided to open my hand luggage and reach for my Q1, now sleeping for over 45 minutes and intending on staying that way for at least another three hours. SO quietly I stroked the power button and brought the device back to wake.

I navigated the start menu, launched Outlook, and went to my "Travel" folder. In there I scrolled to my Krisflyer email and found what I was looking for, my membership number. All that was left to do was write down the number on my itinerary, send the Q1 back to sleep, place her in my bag and smile as if everything was OK. As the line graced forward I too smiled contently knowing that I rapidly living what I was preaching. I could feel a stare over my left shoulder and as I looked I caught the eye of a little boy standing with mouth wide open and eyes popping out of head! The little guy had seen me do all this in under 22 seconds (but who's counting) and was proably shocked not to find a keybaord or mouse in sight...nothing but a finger.

As I reached the front of the line I was now all smiles and feeling full of confidence for my trip. As I sit at the terminal (no less than 25 minutes before boarding my flight to San Fran) I can't help but remain contended and excited about the week to come. As I left my wife and two children this morning there was a sense of pride in the air..."daddy's going to see Bill Gates!' Saif my 5 yr old. Life's good isn't it!?

So the journey has begun, and as per my trip to China, this post is the first of many realtime posts that will be provided throughout the week! I am off to the United States to spend time with the folks in Redmond Head Office. It will be great fun and you can expect to fun posts from here. Have a great day guys.


Sanjiv said...

awesome !

I have done that with my laptop (Dell D400), but end to end took about 4 mins to boot up and shut down.

Have a good trip.

Dom3n1cus said...

Ciao Hugo, mi chiamo Mimmo.
Seguo le tue recnsioni con passione perche amo il mondo del mobile. Posseggo un Q1.
Grazie per aver recensito le prestazioni di tutti gli UMPC presenti oggi sul mercato con il tuo ultimo video dove presenti i 5 umpcprodotti fino ad ora... mi chiedevo come mai non avessi inserito il Sony VGN-UX50??? grazie ai tuoi video ho potuto sapere le varie differenze tra questi devices, con il quale sono riuscito a capire che ho speso bene i miei soldi comprandomi il Q1.Continua cosi... si vede che sei un'appassionato..che fortuna lavorare alla microsoft!??!?
Mi piace vedere il tuo lavoro ?!?!?!?!!?
aspettando altre tue spiegazioni su ci tenevo a mandarti un mio personale saluto
dalla sicilia.
ciao hugo

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