Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We said Origami, not Versace!

With all this Talk of Origami, “is it real?” “Is it not?” I thought I'd take the opportunity to post some images myself. [These come from a truly reliable source.]

Knowing that Engadget has posted an image from this gallery and subsequently questioned it’s validity as a true Origami device; I thought it my duty as Australia’s UberTablet Geek to get some answers. It was entertaining to note the reference’s to Photoshop, and some comments went as far as to question the device’s depth. Upon further research, and just for the record, the following pictures are of a bootable device, i.e. real, but I can’t say more than that. I am also told that they will be available in Australia next month which means that the USA will be in the same boat – especially when you consider we follow your lead.

While I cannot reveal specifications, or much else for that matter...What I will say is this: "the device we've all seen in the Digital Kitchen Video is not the only device that will be available."

Upon reading comments left on other blogs regarding aesthetics I thought to myself "this is quite pathetic." Most of the bloggers disseminating information about the Origami Project (like GottBeMobile, WhatIsNew, JK, TabletPC2 and Warner Crocker) are trying to guage your interest in the device, not your fashion orientation regarding it's look. If you pay attention for just a second you'll note that they didn't say: "hey, look at this Ugly piece of PCB!"

We obviously have mixed opinions in regards to look, but isn’t that the case with a pair of shoes, or a mobile phone? Let’s assume (quite cleverly) that Microsoft has bundled some new software on top of an existing Operating System; let’s also assume that Microsoft isn’t the manufacturer themselves and that someone else is putting the device (or devices) together for them. With these assumptions in mind shouldn't we be asking: “Who’s the market it’s aimed at?” And “Where will it rank within our artillery of Notebook, Tablet, Mobile phone device, PDA and so on?”

Let’s ponder this; if the intended Origami device is a truly Ultra Mobile Device that ships with only 7” or 8” of screen space, what are we going to do with it?”

Here’s my goal:
  • If it synchronizes my contacts and calendar events with outlook I can start to think about dropping my mobile phone and replacing it with a phone-only solution (hence smaller).
  • Now that I’m subscribed to many Video Podcasts perhaps I can download my favorites for the day and carry it with me.
  • If the software is “ink enabled" like Tablet PC, then perhaps I can send handwritten notes, use OneNote to store notes, send handwritten emails and chat on MSN in “ink” too.
  • Synchronization – now that would be cool. Imagine the Origami as a tool for carrying daily tasks and notes! What if it could then be docked back into my main PC for synchronization of data inputted/outputted from the day. Now that would work for me.
  • Internet connectivity on the run. That would mean I could disseminate information more regularly and receive it too. (I know this is very achievable today – but who really pulls out there laptop regularly to Google while on a bus or taxi).

With so much talk of aesthetics I thought it more important to ascertain the relevance of such a device. I know the last thing I need at the moment is another device to carry with me – so if Origami is to be a success then which of all the devices we carry will it replace???

Origami is an exciting event designed to inspire innovation - let's really talk Origami!


john said...

We all know you don't know more than others.. so please stop. We will see the devices in few days and you will look stupid then...

Poliorcetes said...

I think that possibly the most interesting issue in all this OrigamiUMPC thing is the coincidence/confluence/alliance between Intel and Microsoft. In a couple of days we'll know, yes, but they are not shooting into the void - I am more and more convinced that they were working on prior spectations and other players (apple, sony) prior movements. Well, we'll see.

BTW, if you read Spanish, my blog is centered on tablet / mobile devices / e-ink. In the last 2 weeks I have been focused almost entirelly in origamiumpc.

Chippy said...

Hugo 'poogie' from Aussie.
I havent seen your blog before. Sorry. However, must say something about your desired uses for the pad that cometh. You said you wanted to get a simpler mobile? And use the carrypad as a PIM. I Don't see it 'mate.' PIMS work well on phones and you can have them with you more of the time than a pad. Would love to hear your comments on what 'i' think you can do with an uber-pad!
Check out my (tastefully coloured!) blog. Especially the diagram I published last weekend. I'm on a mission to get someone to make a carrypad. Maybe my quest will be over tommorrow and I can close my blog and go back to family life!!
Cheers. Steve. Englishman in Bonn.

ZuDfunck said...

What do I do with the Nokia N90 mate?

Hugo Ortega said...

John: you've only proven the power of blogging with your comment...love your blog, anonymous.blogger.com.fu

Poliorcetes: Hola Amigo! The round table conspiracies that fashion our devices are driven by marketing and dollar...in an ideal world we'd all be having a say...love your Blog mate; your writing style is fantastic. I’ll pop in for a read often!

Chippy: Considering hundreds (if not thousands) of Blogs are launched weekly around the globe then it's not hard to believe that we haven’t come across each other yet. I've gone on your site but cannot open your PDF (ping it to me if you like); after reading a few of your posts I can only say that your thought process + your passion = UberGeek! Good Job!!!

BTW my thoughts on current PIM's is pretty flat; I'm yet to replace a PC with one...so here's hoping Origami or "CarryPad" come to the party.

Zudfunck: Love the funky design (http://www.nokia.com/nseries/index.html) as an accessorized phone (specially love the Carl Zeiss lens) - hate it for replacing my emailer/notetaker...remember we are talkin' Origami, not phones.

BTW your Blog really appeals to me – I’m a highly Visual sort of a guy, and I know the effort it takes to do what you're doing.

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