Friday, December 01, 2006

Ultra-Mobile PC makes it on Television Australia

Cyber Shack s02 e02

This episode of Cybershack is probably the closest we’ve been to mass market exposure for Ultra-Mobile PC, other than the Hannover Fair launch. Obviously you’ve been following the Australian Space if you follow this blog, and you therefore know that we’re pretty passionate and very proactive down here. This time however Free-to-Air Television takes Microsoft’s Origami Project, and little Otto Berkes brainchild, to a whole new level! The Channel is Channel 10 Australia, and the show Cybershack airs on Monday night's at 11:15pm.

What’s my involvement?

Well it turns out that some of the folks at Cybershack were also readers of my blog. They asked me for some devices to which I happily oblidged. All I did was get some people, to talk to their people, and send other people some UMPC. You'll note that the array is small because the episode was probably filmed 8 weeks ago, at which point not even Tegatech had more that 2 UMPC available Downunder.

After watching this for the 5th time I just realised that Cybershack put the UberTablet Blog on Television as a reference for the Australian market to visit…wow…cool! Thanks Channel 10. I wonder how many bloggers can say that their blog has been promoted on Television? Maybe Rove will ask me on his show soon…Rove??? (sorry to hear about Belinda mate)

So without further delay here is the episode:


Chippy said...

Vega got a great shout.
Looks so much better and more impressive than the eo.

Well done Australia!


P.S. 266 for 3 (90.0 overs) at the moment. ;-)

Hugo Ortega said...

CHeers Chippy...I was so happy for the Vega, and UMPC in general. As we say Downunder, "at the end of the day UMPC was the winner."

Go you Aussies!