Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tegatech Australia makes Fujitsu Available

Tegatech Australia recently launched a strategic alliance between Tablet PC giant Fujitsu PC Australia. Not only has Tegatech NOT released an official Press Release, or publicized the event, but as of today they have officially completed their first delivery of a Fujitsu tablet, the T4210.

The magic behind this occasion revolves around the buyer, in this case, Blogger and Techno Geek, Mitch Denny of Canberra. Mitch was so enthused that the has posted a blogpost about the event on his blog (cleverly named) NotGartner. Mitch spotted the convertible on the website only 3 hrs after Tegatech, Australian Tablet PC Distributor, had placed the product online.

Tegatech will release a PR shortly and ask you all to blog about it. As an opportunity to track the expectant arrival of Mitch's Tablet Tegatech has released this photo of the departing Tablet PC; no doubt Mitch will pick up the story from his end.

(Not a TabletKiosk venture.)

Enjoy Mitch! we're all jealous.

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