Wednesday, August 23, 2006

EO UMPC and Tech Ed Australia 2006

Hugo Ortega at Tech.Ed Australia 2006

On this occasion I was an innocent bystander in the right place at the right time. You see, not only am I on the warpath evangelizing Tablet PC in Australia and New Zealand, but I also happen to love Public Speaking (weird I know). This is how it went down.

Roger Lawrence, Microsofty and Uber.Geek, ran into technical difficulties on one of the upcoming presentations at Tech.Ed today. As I strolled past their ruffled feathers it was Uber.Enthusiastic Microsofty Rick Anderson that grabbed my coat tail and asked if I was OK to give Microsoft 3x 5 minute sessions on UMPC. 'For sure' was my reply.

We settled on OneNote 2007 Beta as my topic and of course Ultra Mobile PC. 7pm ticked over and I hadn't given much thought to content. As I watched the boys start the circus routine of making the crowd sing and dance I realized that whatever I run with it better be fun and upbeat; both Rog and Rick had the crowd pumped and I needed to prime in with something similar. Come to think of it you know what it felt like..."it felt like I was at the side of a school yard playground and it was my turn to jump into the middle of a huge skipping rope spinning violently through the air! That's what it felt like."

'And here is MVP (oops he's not and MVP) I mean Australia's Tablet Guy, Hugo Ortega,' bellowed Roger. 1-2-3 and I jumped in!

I did my thing, I chimed in, and all was great. The crowd clapped, the crowd screamed and believe it or not...they actually got it! After the little presentation we ran I was mobbed by adoring fans (of the UMPC) and inundated with questions. Most of them wanted to see DialKeys in action and learn more about Microsoft OneNote.

Since the EO V7110 Ultra Mobile PC is the only one you can buy in Australia it is the one I showed, and held under the projector.

Hugo Ortega with EO UMPC under the Projector


Gabriel Gonzalez said...

I would like to have been there :D You should come to Spain to indoctrinate us in tablet stuff

Hugo Ortega said...

Hola Gabriel,

I would love to "Talk Tablet" in the land of Paella! One day mate.

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Cool! heh
Just a tip, the white font on the new header is not too readable when is on the white umpc ;)

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Gabi,

It's hard to use embeded images and text but I'll see what I can do. Gracia!