Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ultra Mobile PC in Australia NZ: Take 2

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Tonight saw the Ultra Mobile PC story take yet another turn downunder. Tegatech Australia, Tablet PC Distributor, tonight released AUD pricing (Australia and New Zealand Market) for yet another UMPC. Having famed itself in the UMPC space by supplying Australia’s first ever Ultra Mobile PC Tegatech Australia is anticipating great things for the Nation’s second ever range of devices.

Because of its long standing relationship with TabletKiosk Tegatech Australia has followed in the footsteps of the United States and begun taking orders. Being their sole Distributor downunder Tegatech Australia has wasted no time in preparing the channel of resellers for this latest arrival.

Some of you may know the device as the "Founder" UMPC but from now on the world (thanks to an internationally exclusive deal) will know the devices as eo i7210 and i7209. Both devices are driven by Intel CPUs and sport onboard 1.3 mega pixel cameras and much more.
So if you love the bleeding edge or you need to get some R&D done then head on over to Tegatech Australia and place your order. ETA on delivery is expected as early as the end of August 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo, what battery life is expected with the new eo models.

Steven Snell - aka Chris ;-)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Steven,

Good to hear from you. In regards to the new device I must admit that I have not played with it myself. It is due to arrive in the next few days and I will put it through its passes and post a VLOG post about it after that.

I'm keen to know battery life, touch sensitivity, heat...and oh I can't wait to take some pictures with the inbuilt camera (LOL).

Talk soon.