Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rugged UMPC on the way

How good is Chippy? (retorical Question). He's come up with a little announcement that many people I've spoken to have been waiting for, a Rugged UMPC.

"'Ruggedised' always means higher production costs and niche target market so don't expect this version to turn up in your local electronics store. "

"We've seen the X15 design before (the 7" version shown below is due to go into production in September but we still don't know how its going to end up looking or who will brand it.) and the VX3 looks to be based on the X15-7 original design. The specifications (pdf download here) are excactly the same apart from the 'ruggedisation' and re-style."

Mobits X15-7 Data sheet
Mobits X15-5 Data sheet and links.


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