Friday, May 26, 2006

Hugo Ortega reviews Fujitsu T4020 Tablet PC

Last night I set myself the fortunate task of reviewing the Fujitsu T4020 Convertible Tablet PC. Although the task is somewhat becoming more familiar to me, on this occasion it was combination of some nerves and lack of sleep that turned a simple task, into a two day affair.

Fujitsu sent me the T4020 to use as my preferred blogging device during my role as CeBIT Blogger; I’ve been the proud holder of the device since May 10th and have found it to be quite an asset. While this is my first formal video review of a Tablet PC I think the results may provide you with an insight into the T4020’s look, feel and performance; one day I’ll put together a ‘bloopers’ reel of this review, it’s so funny.

Sit back and enjoy as Hugo Ortega reviews the Fujitsu T4020 Tablet PC…after this effort he has a new found respect for other famed video bloggers like Rob Bushway and James Kendrick, you guys rock!

Watch it here, or here:
[9 min/33MB]


Anonymous said...

while surfing the xp website, came across this 'tablet pc' concept. watched the demo for the education pack, and as a young uni student, i got sucked in by the marketing. i've been researching which tablet pc might be best for me, and decided even though the T4020 was pricey, it was also too appealing not to have =). thanks for this review, especially cool since it's by another aussie =). looking forward to hopefully owning one soon.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for taking out time in your valuable day to share the news. If it's your first TabletPC Congratulations, if it's your second, Congratulations too. Either way be sure to pop back and share your thoughts. Aussie, Aussie, 0i! Oi! oi!

Anonymous said...

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miguel said...

this is a very good demonstration of the PC! i saw one of these laptops and wanted to research it before i bought it. im definitely buyng it this weekend!!!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Great Miguel!

Glad we could help! I love what I do and sharing it with you all is fun!