Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogger Brunch: and 3x UMPC

Frank Arrigo and I: A picture I took this morning after Brunch had ended.

Today was about as good as my morning gets.

I woke up and followed the normal routine of feeding my son, dressing my son, and driving him to school. On this occasion however we were joined by longtime friend and fellow blogger, Dr. Neil Roodyn.

For those of you that haven’t seen Dr.Neil interact with kids you would totally crack up. He fires off random intellectualized questions at the little monsters to test their IQ and mental stamina. My son, Leon, now on Level 22 reading (while all his kindergarten mates are on level 3 or 4), absolutely loves Neil and enjoys the morning spar; he sure gives Neil bang for buck. The reason Neil was at my place so early (and as opposed to our normal outings) was this morning’s Bloggers Brunch. This morning we had been summoned invited to Brunch with Australia's answer to Robert Scoble, the infamous Frank Arrigo.
I sat next to Frank, who sat next to Neil. The reason we kept getting glanced at was that I annotated on my EO V7110 UMPC, Frank on his Motion LS800 UMPC and Neil on his Samsung Q1. That Rocked!

Obviously the room was buzzing and full of opinionated folks. There were beef burgers; sandwiches, banana bread and all the coffee you could fit in (just ask Uber.Legend Michael Kleef who had two coffees before I finished one). All-in-all the boys and girls really behaved well and delighted themselves by jousting and probing some of Microsoft's classier comrades.

Dr. Neil Roodyn (Contractor Extraordinaire) and John Hodgson (Microsoft)

Had you of been invited you would have heard and seen some wonderful displays of bravery that were sometimes shot down just as quickly. Even John Hodgson of Microsoft managed to leak some confidential information regarding an upcoming announcement about Windows Live XXXXX. [I won't be the one to cause John's Donald Trump-like "you're fired" so if Frank wants to jump onto the blog and repeat what was said then I’ll let that be ok with that. Frank???

Overall it was a fantastic meeting and worth being part of. I’ve definitely put my hand up for the next Bloggers Brunch! Because a fellow attendee, and blogger, has already posted a blogroll of the morning I won't need to. (Please identify yourself as I cannot work out which on you were – plus I think you and I need to talk)

Straight after the meeting Frank left to his first (of many) talks he’ll be running at Tech.Ed, this time with fellow Aussie Blogger, and mate, Long Zheng. Long and I have pinged each other for a while and I actually sold him his first Tablet PC a while back. Frank was pumped about Long being on stage as his readership is so good in the blogosphere. Good job Long! The irony is that at the Bloggers Brunch was another Mate/Blogger that I too sold a Tablet PC to, the cool Mitch Denny.

Blogroll (as recorded by HacStart.com/blog):

From recollection the event attendees included (in no particular order):

Frank Arrigo

Cathy Jamieson

John Hodgekins

John Pritchard

Tony Wilkinson

Michael Kleef


Hugo Ortega - UberTablet

Mitch Denny - NotGartner / Readify

Mark Jones - Financial ReviewGeoff Orr

Trevor Cook - Corporate Engagement

Dr Neil Roodyn

Nick Hodge - NickHodge.com

Jeff Putt - CIO Magazine

Rodney Gedda - Computerworld

Phil Sim - mediaconnect

Ben English?

Namir ?

Phil ?and a few more i didnt meet.

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