Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Uncle Doug Mulray takes the Tablet!

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There are certain good fortunes that cross our path when we focus our energy with ‘Definiteness of Purpose’– a term coined by motivational guru Napoleon Hill. One of the pleasures of my commitment to The Tablet PC in Australia and New Zealand has been the friendships attained by applying my enthusiasm and energy to my ‘Definiteness of Purpose’ - September 2005 was one very occasion (the date I first met the infamous Doug Mulray).

There are few devices that take a perfectly normal human being and turn them into a blubbering idiot (namely me); Tablet PC is one device that carries this ability. The following is an Interview conducted on 22 February 2006 at the private home of Radio Personality, Television Personality and straight shooter Doug Mulray. Even with all the weight that his namesake carries, Doug Mulray has given this interview and all the answers herein as an unsolicited and uncompensated gift to Tablet PC - “I’m a bit of a Disciple myself!” Doug Mulray openly preaches.

Doug Mulray takes the Tablet! Sahara Slate PC

"A Tablet Worth Taking," The Age Newpaper.

About Doug Mulray:

Uncle Doug, Doctor Dougie, or the Reverend Doctor Doug: no matter how you know him in Australia, the man is a multi-media legend. Having wedged his persona into our car stereo, as host of the breakfast time slot on Sydney FM radio station 2MMM (Triple M) in the 1980s, Uncle Doug Mulray is the unsung hero of internet innovation in Australia. His instigation of the internet based radio station Live at The Basement is an indication of just how “ahead of his time” he has been – the most prominent commercialized webcast Radio Station in Australia. For all you Uber Geeks that do not know of this man, our Uncle Doug has been brokering deals for downloadable media, and Internet based Radio Stations, since the late 1980’s.

Surrounded by gadgetry in the luxury of his home it’s not half obvious that Doug Mulray is a techno-geek. He’s not only early-adopted, but moreover he’s early-applied lots of the technology the mainstream still sees as cutting edge. As surprising as it may sound however, and by his own admission, Doug Mulray is a techno-phoebe; an almost unbelievable thought when you consider his past efforts.

Either he is really short, or I'm really tall!

[Uncle Doug, you're the most genuine 'personality' someone could hope to bump into.]

Listen into this podcast [19MB] as Australia’s Maniacal Tablet PC Evangelist, Hugo Ortega, shares an intimate techno-moment with Uncle Doug Mulray of Australia. You'll be entertained as one of Australia's highest ever rating Radio Jockey's flaunts, taunts and talks Tablet PC with your Hugo Ortega.

Show: Talk’n Tablet Downunder

Listen into this podcast (19 MB, 37 minutes)
Artists: Hugo Ortega & Uncle Doug Mulray
Episode#: 1
Episode Name: Billy Hollis talks Tablet PC with UberTablet Geek Hugo Ortega.

Show Notes:

  • Uncle Doug reveals who talked him into Tablet! ME!
  • Memory upgrade as a benefit to Tablet PC.
  • Smart Phone/Palm Pilot/PDA vs. Tablet PC – portability!
  • Price premium of Tablet vs. traditional Notebook.
  • Uncle Doug talks Ink Art (Microsoft Experience Pack).
  • Tablet PC as a Digital Photo Album.
  • Uncle Doug presents his take on Tablet form factors (Slate vs. Convertible).
  • Snipping Tool (Microsoft Experience Pack). Uncle Doug makes Hugo Ortega blush!
  • Given the chance to refund the device, would Doug buy Tablet PC again?
  • Uncle Doug Talks Tablet in luxury cars.
  • Learn French Doug Mulray Style.
  • The final Say! And a shout out to his fans! [Podcasts, Terrestrial Broadcasts, Internet Marketing and more…]

Listen into this podcast [19MB]


Jon said...

Uncle Dougie!!! .. Heheh .. I remember when he used to hover around Neutral bay a lot, I suppose his studio was (next to/ in ? ) Albert & Tiger recording studios.

To this day a ringing phone prompts the "That'll be the Reg, Phone" response =).

Dr. Neil said...

Great work Hugo!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Jon!! Yeah, how much does it rock to hear Uncle Dougie talk Tablet...we still think "That'll be the Reg, Phone" too...



Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Neil! Loved your "Neil's Notes" podcast too!!

Gordon said...

Excellent interview! He was a lot of fun! I want a Sahara. Bad. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Uncle Doug is a blast. Down these neck of the woods he is considered a legend and real personality.

We actually stayed in contact after the podcast and are good friends - he was here only just last week!

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renuka said...

Having been a part of the Online Universal Work Marketing team for 4 months now, I’m thankful for my fellow team members who have patiently shown me the ropes along the way and made me feel welcome