Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Talk'n Tablet Downunder: Show #4

Podcast: Talk’n Tablet Downunder #4

(21.3MB, 30:35 minutes)

Episode#: 4
Episode Name: Nick Randolph on UMPC and more
Show Notes: This was my 4th audio podcast after several months off. Admittedly it is always harder than the "real podcasters" make it seem, and this occasion is no different. My goal was to capture a moment with Author and Microsoft MVP, Nick Randolph, and record his thoughts on the new Ultra Mobile PC form-factor. Given that Tech.Ed Australia 2006 had just concluded and the fact that I'd loaned Nick the Samsung Q1 to play with, NOW seemed as good a time as any.
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Gordon said...

Excellent show. Do you have an RSS so I can subscribe with something like iTunes? Heh...this gives me 2 or 3 mobile podcasts now. I'll have to go back and check out the older shows. That'll keep me busy at work while I install 5536 Vista on my notebook. :)

The T43 that Nick has seems to be pretty popular with our developers as well. I have to admit though for what it cost ($3K USD for us or so) for the high end model I found the performance kinda...eh...ran with the fans going most of the time and was a bit chuggy. If he ever thinks of upgrading, I can't say enough good things about the T60p though. The keyboard is improved and has a great feel to it, the biometrics are better (2-3x better reading my finger), and the performance overall is stellar.

Gordon said...

What can I say, I had some extra time at work today. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Gordon,

The T43 popularity revolved around the shear beefiness of the processor and ram [at that time]. A year and a half ago this machine was a rock'n box to carry and obviously with its high res screen made a lot of sense for developers.

The T60p you're running is a natural progression and should make Vista sing and dance.

I can tell that you've found the other podcasts as you've dotted the site with comments! :-)

For the others, use the "Subscribe Here" link on the right of this page.