Friday, June 30, 2006

Origami UMPC and National Australia Bank

The first deliveries of the Ultra Mobile PC platform have hit the streets of Australia and it seems that The National Australia Bank (NAB) is part of the bleeding edge. On this occasion Australia's Tablet Guy, Hugo Ortega, has been invited into a "Staff Only" TechExpo run by the NAB.

"As I walked in I gathered that the NAB was doing a great impersonation of a Tech Savvy Company. Not because they are behind the eight-ball but mostly because the next big thing on everyone’s lips was the Windows XP rollout about to happen…next year!” Ortega Said. Obviously with all the security issues, and the need to have standardised platforms in banks, we can forgive the NAB for talking-up XP as something new. What Ortega found to be more refreshing was NABs’ involvement with new platforms like iMate JasJam and the EO UMPC.

Hugo has become well known for exposing and for getting exposed, so on this occasion you can expect nothing less! (Has someone taken a digital eraser to Hugo’s head?) Watch as Hugo makes his way around this very closed and private Expo (with a Video Camera) and finds his way to the Innovations Booth. With talk, behind curtains, of “Project Madonna” and “Customer Realignment Program” it looks as though NAB and UMPC will be a force to reckon with.

[17MB/5 minutes]

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