Monday, November 20, 2006

Windows Embedded Technical Seminar

If you're a developer, and real one at that, why don't you attend this upocoming event hosting by our friends in the Microsoft Building. Not only will there be the latest and greates information - straigth from the source - but you can also go into the draw to win a Toshiba Gigabeat S60!

The date: Tuesday 28th
Where: Micrsoft Head Office, North Ryde, Sydney
Why: Becasue you love it!

More details:

Windows Embedded Technical Seminar

Microsoft is hosting another Windows Embedded focused technical seminar in Sydney at the Microsoft office on Tuesday, November 28, and then in Auckland on Thursday November 30.
Come and hear directly from Microsoft system engineers about what’s new in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (Microsoft’s hard realtime operating system), the enhancements to Windows XP Embedded in Feature Pack 2007, what can be achieve in retail and hospitality devices with Windows Embedded for Point of Service, and finally the latest updates on the Specialised Server family for Embedded Server devices, such as Windows Storage Server.

If you work in the
  • development of Embedded systems
  • application development for POS, Kiosks
  • or are looking to build devices based on the Windows Embedded family of products

then this is an event you should attend.

For more information and to register for the
Sydney event: click here
Auckland event: click here

For more info: Don Kerr


Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Unfortunately too far from Spain

Hugo Ortega said...

I'm in Australia and couldn't make it either. LOL.

jay817 said...

well a good experance if you can and well better look next time lol also a nice prize

Hugo Ortega said...

it would have been worth going just for the prize Jay...LOL