Thursday, November 16, 2006

Linda Legend has First Look X60

Lenovo Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC

Lenovo must be one of the few manufacturers that understand that “bloggers are the future.” No only did they give the team at GBM a first look at the new Lenovo X610 tablet, but on this occasion they’ve gone for the feminine touch too.

My mate Linda Epstein is at it again. This time with the Lenovo X60 she once again does a great job of showing off, and teasing us, with her thoughts on the new X60 device. If you’re a fan of Lenovo (or IBM for that matter) then I think you’ll be pleasantly suporised. I can just hear the bean-counters in Government and Education departments firing up the PO machine!

If you don’t know Linda, she’s the one with the Skier on her desktop (what’s that about Linda?) and also a fellow Microsoft MVP [Linda A. Epstein: Windows - Tablet PC].

Full review here

Linda is also one of Santa's little helpers. Linda, take it away: "The List for Santa is an Annual feature on my site, the link to's 2005 "List for Santa" is" 2006 list out soon.


Sumocat said...

Bloggers aren't the future. We're the present.

Hugo Ortega said...

thank you Sumocat.