Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From the Doctor

This is a perscription from the Doctor, Dr. Neil. Sorry it's late but you may still be able to join in. If you're interested in UMPC development then this one is worth getting out of bed for...even at noon you geeks!

From Neil's Blog:

MSDN Webcast: Overview of Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) Development for Windows Vista

A few weeks back Todd Landstad was a guest on my podcast. Tomorrow you can hear more from Todd on how to build great UMPC applications on Windows Vista.I can recommend attending this if you are in a timezone where the time is acceptable - hint hint...No need to register just head over here

Here is the offical blurb:

An ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) is a fully functional computer that is small, mobile, and runs a complete version of a Windows operating system (currently Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and soon Windows Vista). UMPCs present many new and exciting opportunities for application development. Although your existing knowledge and skills transfer directly to the UMPC, there are some unique circumstances to consider when you are developing applications for these devices. Join us to find out what is involved in developing for the UMPC, and learn how to create outstanding applications for these new devices.Presenter: Todd Landstad, Product Specialist, Microsoft Corporation


Matt Propst said...

I had missed it because I was in class. However I just checked the link and it should be available shortly "on demand."

Hugo Ortega said...

Well done Matt...I'll try it later as I missed it too.

Matt Propst said...

It's now available, i'm downloading as I type :-D

Hugo Ortega said...

let me know your thougths dude.