Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carrypad does Pepperpad

Chippy has once again performed as expected - outstandingly. this time reviewing the Pepperpad device, unique in may ways, he has submitted thought and image that should keep you entertained for hours - or at least 10 minutes anyway.

The review starts with this comment "The Pepperpad 3 is your Google-life companion!" and ends there too "The Pepperpad is an absolute pleasure to use as a sofa or bed surfing device. As a 'Google-life' pad it works wonderfully and if this style of thin and web-based computing takes off,"

I always appreciate the efforts Chippy goes to so if you get a moment head on over a have a looksy! Here are some of the thoughts I liked:

Real-World performance.
In the world of browsing the web and listening to music you don't really need much in terms of performance. Because there is no heavy weight graphical windowing system, all the applications start and run just as fast as you might expect them. If the Pepperpad has many applications open, you do start to see some slowing down but this is rare.

Heat and noise.
This section is easy. No noise and only a little warming after extended use. (Watching a video for example.) Very very nice.

Security is minimal on the Pepperpad because from a network point of view there is nothing to attack. Attacks through http pages should be very minimal and so I don't regard the lack of firewall or anti-virus solution as a risk.

Pepper support and community.
Here's an area the Pepper seem to have a good handle on. Their support process is very easy and pro-active. If you have a problem, you can submit a report via the Pepperpad itself or via a telephone hotline. Engineers and product managers always seem to be around in the Pepper forum too. Not only that but there are plenty of other users in the forum that are happy to help.

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