Tuesday, November 28, 2006

EO one minute, gone the next

FedEX man came today and left these; shame they were gone 45 minutes later. Atleast he is back again tomorrow.

Since pictures speak louder than words, enjoy this:

TabletKiosk EO i7210


mobim said...

And what are you going to do with pile of umpcs that don't work..

- stand by / hibernate fails daily
- cpu is down to 700mhz on battery

this is a the slowest and most unstable umpc to date!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Mobim,

Life on the bleeding edge will always involve casualties. What I would recommend is that you talk to TabletKiosk and word your response so that the greater community gets rewarded by your effort.

Thanks for being good citizen, I'm afraid I haven't heard this before.

mobim said...




"Currently I have a problem with sleep/hibernation. If I set the device to hibernate after,say, 1 hour, it will come out of standby and stay on without hibernating. I found this out at about 1am after hearing the loud battery beep. The eo was in a CD holder (link) inside a sports bag and when I got it out, the metal stand was seriously hot. I guess about 60-70degress. When I rebooted it a minute or two later, the CPU was showing 85 degrees. Fortunately the CPU is able to run even hotter than that and in fact, emergency shutdown doesn't occur until over 100 degrees (I haven't checked this!!!)"

- Screen backlight adjustment doesnt go low enough. Tablet Kiosk are working on this issue but don't have a status at this stage.

- Screen off / Standby / Hibernate not working properly. Tablet Kiosk are working on this issue but don't have a status at this stage. [carrypad: This could be due to a MS update. Its not clear at the moment why the standby is sometimes failing.]

- No floating tip. (This is a problem with many UMPCs and can be rectified by using an external application floattip.exe which is available around the internet.) - Tablet Kiosk have alerted Microsoft and Intel about this issue. The external application can be used as a fix in the meantime.

- Loudspeaker quality and volume. Tablet Kiosk say that it meets their standards so will not be addressed.

- BIOS throttles CPU to max 800Mhz under battery power. (The OS is not able to control this through ACPI to get full 1Ghz clockrate. This is often seen on notebook PCs but if ACPI is working correctly, my understanding is that the OS will allow the CPU to drop back its clockrate anyway.) Tablet Kiosk engineers are cautiosly evaluating this issue but there is no resolution yet.

It's 8 months from Founder shipdate and 3 months from Tabletkiosk release... not a single thing has been fixed.

Hugo Ortega said...

Thank you Orim,

This makes more sense now and I can recall some of these issues on the forums. Obviously you've contacted TabletKiosk about the Situation???

I do know that a new BIOS is being worked on to help recover some of these issues. Obviously 3-months is not a long time to rectifiy all of these as it took at least 18-months to bring them to market.

Let eme know how you're doing back at this thread please. If you're struggling I'll get in contact with poeple that know people and we'll make some heads roll.