Tuesday, November 14, 2006

GottaBeMobile has Gotta Lenovo x60

*Update 14th of November 17:26* These guys don't muck around...GottabeMobile Exclusive Video Review of the Lenovo X60 Thinkpad Tablet PC.

Kudos to the family at GBM. Not only do they bend over backwards to get content that is meaningful and insightful, but on this occassion they've got themselves a scoop. Lenovo, previously known as IBM, has gone and given the GBM Team an exclusive look at their latest Tablet entrant, the X60; kind of like handing a monkey a gun really. :-)


Well, we are pretty excited at GottaBeMobile, and we have got some great exclusive video for you! If you have been folowing our site for the last week or so, you may have seen several references to a secret mission we have been mentioning, and we can now bring you information on what the big mission is all about. Well, the mission is officially over, and it was a raging success! Here’s the scoop on what all the fuss is about.


The specs look good, especially the 4GB of RAM??? What the!


Warner Crocker said...

So, which one is the monkey? Me or Dennis. Thanks, Hugo!

Hugo Ortega said...

ummm...maybe Lenovo! LOL. Great Job Team GBM.