Friday, July 14, 2006

Samsung Q1 has a place in Australia

Ever since receiving the Samsung Q1 it’s been difficult to find its place amongst my artillery of devices. Given that the time has come to let go of the device it makes it a real shame that I have only just found where it's most comfortable...under my TV.

At home we have access to over 6 different Tablet PCs. The arrival of the Samsung Q1 meant that we had to get to know it and therefore find its place in the scheme of things. Not only is the Q1 awkward to email from but reading can be a chore too. What we found was that as portable media player the device really was an enjoyable adjunct to our lifestyle. One asset that the Q1 holds is the wonderful set of speakers. This means that turning her on and streaming radio stations from around the world really is quite functional. With iTunes installed we can stream music from our NAS server and send the sound to our room of choice too. Because it looks so good we couldn’t help but provide it a very prominent home, and therefore part of our tools of entertainment.

[video review coming soon]

What a pretty site...oh! the tulips look good too!

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