Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Q1 vs Q1B

When looks can deceive

Today I thought it important to define a "couple" of differences between the Samsung Q1 and the Samsung Q1b. At first glance they appear the same device with the later containing "b" generation benefits. While this holds true for a couple of the specifications it does not hold true for all. Because one of the most common questions I get asked at the moment is, "when will the Q1b become available Downunder?" I thought I'd help you all understand the differences.

So before we get too excited about Q1B lets look at the differences between the two...and it might interest you to know that the price should be "about" the same.


Q1: Intel® Celeron® M ULV (900MHz)
Q1b: Via C7 ULV 1.0 GHz (Ultra Low Voltage) VIA Processor (Slightly faster than above, and slightly better battery life) [Update 28.Nov.2006: VIA Processor is in fact slower that the Intel Celeron. See comments below for more info.]

The Screen:

Q1: 7" WVGA Touch Screen
Q1b: 7" WVGA Touch Screen (280 nits, 800 X 480) (Brighter Screen)

Chipset & Graphics:

Q1: 915 GMS Intel, GMA900 (128MB)
Q1b: VX700 Integrated (I'm not sure on the technical difference here, anyone???) [Update 28.Nov.2006: C/O Long Zheng, VX700 here]

The Speakers:

Q1: 2 Stereo Speakers (4w total), H/P out, Array Microphone and SRS Sound
Q1b: One Mono speaker (2W total), H/P out, and SRS Sound (Ouch...yuk)


Q1: 802.11 b/g, 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, Bluetooth® v2.0,USB 2.0 Data cable
Q1b: 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth® v2.0 (NO ETHERNET)

I/O Ports:

Q1: 2 USB (USB 2.0), 1 Type II CF card, H/P Jack, VGA, DC-In
Q1b: 2 USB (USB 2.0), H/P Jack, VGA, DC-In (No CF Slot)*

Optical Drive:

Q1: Nothing
Q1b: (Included)

  • 3 External Drive choices w/Power DVD and Nero Express Software included
    24x CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
    Ultra-thin 24x CD-RW/DVD Drive
    Super-Multi 8x DVD+/-RW Drive


Q1: Nothing
Q1b: (Included)

  • Keyboard
    Ultra-thin notebook-style
    With mouse "pointing stick" and left/right mouse buttons built-in

*The CF (Compact Flash) Slot in Australia will be (hopefully) replaced by a HSDPA (i.e. Next G) enabled card...COOL!

By the way, this post was proudly brought to you by my shiny new Q1 with Organiser Pack!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting the differences in the two models. I am considering a UMPC as my next machine. The Q looks like a good package and I have been following the extensive coverage at jkontherun. I guess it still comes down to what are the needs of each individual user. (power, keyboard, ethernet)

Keep up the great work!

CTitanic said...

Are you sure that the VIA processor is faster than the Celerom or you just looked at the numbers 1 GB vs 900 Mhzs?

In all my tests with these two processors and all tests that I have asked Q1B owners to run for me the VIA processor is a slower than the Intel Celeron.

From the point of view of graphics there is also a big difference. The Intel Chip use 128 MB of Memory while the Via chip only 64 MB, AFAIK. That makes a huge difference when you are handling applications like PhotoShop (in my own experience with these two video chips)

In another hand, you are right, the screen in any UMPC with VIA processor looks brighter than those using the Intel chip.

Chippy said...

Hi Ortega.

ViaC7 has much less processing power than the Celeron. It is more power efficient though.

Via graphics are much less powerful than Intel and not DirectX 9 capable.

Q1b in Europe will have HSDPA capable modem too. Should be available in a few weeks.


Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Guys,

This is why I love the blog so much - my answers become questions, that in turn become good answers from you.

Keep up the info, it's helping thousands Downunder!

Hugo Ortega said...

- thanks Demetri -

propstm said...

I didn't receive an optical drive or keyboard w/ my Q1b Sounds like In missing out!

Anonymous said...

> Via graphics are much less powerful than Intel and not DirectX 9 capable.

Does anyone know if this means that Q1b can't be upgraded to Windows Vista?

Bjorn Stromberg said...

Hi Hugo,

There's a lot of misconceptions here about the Q1b and what it's capable of. I have put together a response on my blog, setting some of the facts straight.

I also think you glossed over the one huge difference between the Q1 and the Q1b and that's battery life. The Q1 gets about two hours while the Q1b gets double that, four hours of battery life.


- Bjorn

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Bjorn,

While the "glossing over" is there, it isn't on purpose. What I was looking for was feedback, which I got a lot of. Your feedback will help tremendously as I would NOT dare report battery life without ever having one in my hand.

I'll let everyone know.

Bjorn Stromberg said...

I'll see what I can do to get one in you hands for a review :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Bjorg,

With it I can be competent, without it I'm left to a war of words only - that would be [necessary] nice.

Chippy said...

Hi all.

I've made a post about the Direct X 9 issue on my journal. (Carrypad.com/journal)

To be more specific about it, I think that the Unichrome GPU does not support Direct X 9 extensions.

You might be able to run DX9 software, sure, but if you need to use any DX9 extensions either the software has to emulate it in software or it won't run.

I love the VIA UMPC chipset concept but people do need to know that there could be a DX9 problem.


Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Chippy,

I am glad this thread has popped up as I am keen to get to the heart of it too. Bjorn assures me that he is working on the answers and will report back soon - watch this space.

You all rock n' roll!

Bjorn Stromberg said...

I think I understand where Chippy got the wrong idea about the DirectX 9 issue.

There is a big difference between the VIA UniChrome IGP and the VIA UniChrome Pro IGP. The VIA UniChrome IGP does not fully support DirectX 9 while the UniChrome Pro IGP does.

The VIA UniChrome Pro IGP is found on newer chipsets, like the VIA VX700 found in the Samsung Q1b and the VIA VN800 found in the TabletKiosk eo v7110. It fully supports DirectX 9 although the fill rates are much lower than dedicated add in cards.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys sure Optical drive and keyboard are included in Q1B edition???

CTitanic said...

Yesterday I said that via does not support DirectX9. Ok, I'm wrong, it supports it... but it can not handle it. Sorry VIA, I did it again!

At least that's the case with the VN800.

Hugo Ortega said...

In regards to specs and details it will always come down to the specifics manufacturer's decision in his/her region of choice. Keyboard/optical...who knows for Australia. I'm picking some of this off of the Samsung site in US.

Hugo Ortega said...

Thanks for your fantastic response Bjorn. The specific details help everyone dispell miconceptions.

And Frank,

I think we all thought the same so thankfully Bjorn has given us some more insight - let'ssee what chippy says next!

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