Monday, October 30, 2006

Innovative or Inconclusive?

I was just sent these photos by Mobile PC specialist, Pocket PC Solutions in the UK. Not only does this get me excited about the concept but I can also see an immediate increase in productivity for my own UMPCs.

What do you think guys? Does it rock or is it a shit idea?

Cheers Glyn, can't wait to get them downunder.


samirsshah said...

wow! definitely Innovative!!!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Samir,

Ummmm, not sure...someone else???

Nice of you to pop by...

Chuck said...

FrogPad is also working with Eleksen -
This gives a one-handed option.

Matt Propst said...

The keys look very small. I think the jury is out on this one until someone obtains an actual keyboard to review.

Aviruth said...

I think the concept is superb, it takes that "having to carry another piece of accessory" factor away.

Jordan said...

thats pritty nice,
but how hard wearing are the keys
how would it survive in the real world?

Anonymous said...

The keys work surprisingly well, and although they look small they don't feel small. As UMPC's increase in numbers I think we will see a real case appear on the market, maybe from Belkin as they are already working with Eleksen on iPod products.

Glyn Evans
PocketPC Solutions

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Chuck,

Good lookup mate - although not sure that I like the one handed jobby...actually I don't.

Hey Matt,

I can't wait to play with the device as it's the feel of the "bounce" that will deem it a success or not. A friend of mine tells me there is little bounce - not good!

Hi Aviruth,

For that purpose I love it too. I know a lot of people that would lap this up for the sheer convenience.

Hi Jordan, (are you following me) lol

Good point - I wonder if the painted keys will wear off and present a whole new world of pain.

Hu Glyn,

All these accessories will play a huge role in the success of the UMPC devices. More accessories = more possibilities. Lets hope we see lots more...

Thanks UberTeam for your feedback - love it.

Justin Brooke said...

I love the idea for the fabric keyboard. Worst case scenario it's a really cool carrying case.

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Justin - and best case it actually works - win/win all round then!

Nice to have your visit...