Sunday, November 26, 2006

Australia's Tablet Guy week in review

This week has been more fun than usual, i.e. funner!

With the first deliveries going out of the Samsung Q1 it was nothing but happy happy all round. It seems that Aussies were so excited about the arrival that they even drove from hours away to come in a pick up their orders. I was lucky enough to be around for some of these handovers and took a quick photo of one of the packages.

Later in the week ASUS announced the R2H and R1F in Australia and again I was able get a look, and spend a few hours with, the new little UMPC. In Australia it turns out that GPS, fingerprint and Camera were standard as usual but the package also seemed to contain a foldable Bluetooth Keyboard and External DVD RW too. From what I know the initial orders came in thick and fast and now the “happy-to-be” customers sit and wait for the first week of December to clock over for deliveries.

On Thursday I had a great meeting with one of the leading Media Groups in the country and performed my “Australian Tablet Guy.” What they needed was UMPC info, and what I provided was just that. It tirns out they were quite lucky as I had 3 out of the world’s 4 UMPC available, i.e. EO V7110, i7210 and the Samsung Q1. Not only were they very pleased but they received quite the information overload” that day too. If you’re interested here is a little copy of something I prepared for them – obviously missing all the juicy details. Let me know if you need something like this done for your people?

Well now I’m finishing off some pancakes for my son an beautiful wife, and I’m going to go join my son (who is on the TC1100) with my new Samsung Q1 with Organiser Pack. Luv ya later!


Kelvin Yong said...

Oh cool... I'm so anxious that I hope my eo i7210 is coming soon later this week... please please please!

Orin said...

Running Vista release on the Asus RF1 in preparation for the Vista Cert text I'm working on.

Most things work except

Portrait/Landscape button - need to use Windows Mobility to switch modes.

The WiFi adapter is installed and present, but there is no way to turn it on. In XP Tablet you use the keyboard to do it - but there seem to be some drivers missing. Getting by with a USB WiFi.

Sound and fingerprint reader don't work.

Other than those things, everything else is cool and I'd highly recommend the experience. I'm sure it is a matter of time until the button and wifi issue are resolved by ASUS.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Kelvin,

A little birdie tells me something headed your way TODAY!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Orin,

You're a legend mate - thank you sharing and for delving into Vista Tablet so heavily. How are you finding the pen experience on the R1F? I liked it a lot.

BTW, you are right, an array of Vista drivers are only a matter-of-time away.

Orin said...

I am not missing the mouse and the. handwriting recognition is great. Especially for someone who has such bad handwriting! In responding I only had to make 3 corrections!

Wish that I had one of these at Uni!

Combined with voice recognition, a remarkable experience.

Who needs a mouse?

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Orin,

I'm with you - throw away the mouse everyone!!! The future is now...

Orin said...

Found that downloading the drivers for the Intel graphics adapter from Intel's site allows me to use the portrait/landscape button in Vista. Another set of drivers, downloaded from ASUS's german site allow me to use the built in wifi (which has decreased power consumption compared to the external device).

For some reason sound still doesn't work - though that doesn't really stress me as I know that if I mucked with it, I'd eventually get it working. Just not tonight with a book deadline ;-) (shouldn't post here, got to get back to migrating and upgrading to Vista)

I saw that a guy on another forum was playing Company of Heroes on his R1F using his pen to move units around ... I'm tempted to try it.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Orin,

I love your posts man, always thorough! The idea of International Website Hopping for Drivers is great. I will let people know about the Intel driver as the ability to rotate Convertibles is almost essential.

Thanks again for your value-add on this stuff...VISTA Dude!

Freudian Slip said...

I still can't get over how cool my tablet is. What's a mouse lol!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Matt,

mouse = LOSER! Is that too harsh? LOL

Orin said...

Isn't it obvious?

The Pen is Mightier than the Mouse

(golf clap I'm sure)

On a serious note - how do I enter a carriage return / new line when scribling away using Vista's pen input panel. I couldn't find anything useful in the help.