Monday, March 06, 2006

Uber Tablet Kids deserve some space!

After much deliberation it seemed that I had a theme emerging in my passion and commitment for all things Tablet PC. The initial thought is that should remain innovative, and substantial in information, so that my subscribers and others may gain maximum experience for their buck. Since my maniacal passion for all things Tablet also coexist with my life as a Dad then it’s only a natural progression to marry the two.

There’s great news for all! In order to most benefit the uberly hungry Tablet PC fanatics (and yet to be) I have decided to segregate my works into two lots. The first will remain literal masterpieces that canvas my journey as the Tablet PC guy in Australia; the second will now enhance the UberTablet user experience by dedicating chunks of my resources to the kids. is now officially live and has its first few posts up. This site is dedicated to my efforts to share Tablet PC with the kids. Whilst we carry the burden of adulthood, and all the luggage (lucky you if it’s only baggage) that comes with it, the kiddies remain remarkably unimpressed by Tablet PC at all. It’s this essence that I will Blog on and therefore disprove the notion that Tablet PC is innovative, new, or amazing. To kiddies that grow up with Tablet PC it’s…nothin’ but a Tablet.

Watch leon ink to Dr. Neil Rooodyn via MSN. Enjoy!

Tomorrow night I have congregated the only two Tablet PC MVP’s located outside of the United States of America (6th March 2006 - I stand corrected, the only two in the Southern Hemisphere - by Lora Heiny). I will be joined by Dr. Neil Roodyn AU/USAand Craig Pringle of New Zealand in a podcast not to be missed.

These two men have been substantially important to the Tablet PC community, and ironically have never met!!! I’ve had to pickup Craig from the Airport and take him to Neil at the SWMUG monthly meeting held at Microsoft Head Office Australia to make it happen…

Stay tuned!!!

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