Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lora points UberTablet Guy in the right Direction!

This evening I was pinged by premium Microsoft's Tablet PC spokesperson, Lora Heiny (in Redmond). Whilst we’ve talked Tablet in the past, this time the message was short:

Obviously I, being a huge fan of all things Heiny and her “What is New” blog, quickly followed my brief instructions and had a look around. Upon initial investigation it seemed that Jumping Minds had done all they can to take Ink Gestures up a notch - I downloaded my free trial and installed it on my favorite slate.

The following is a screen capture of InkGestures Version 1.1; an application that enhances the normal Microsoft Word Document experience by empowering your intentions via gestures. The gestures can be made by mouse, but most importantly by Tablet PC pen too. When combining the application with one of my Tablets I felt the experience was enjoyable enough to share with you all.

Watch the WMV: UberTablet-InkGestures.wmv

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