Saturday, March 11, 2006

Origami Device in Australia - April 2006!

Origami (UMPC) will hit Australia as early as April this 2006. Tegatech Australia, the exclusive Distributor of the Tablet Kiosk range of Tablet PC's in ANZ, will stock the V-700 UMPC for you to purchase.

TabletPC2 ace reviewer, Linda Epstein, has had a play with a working prototype of the V-700 and has posted some thoughts and pictures. Linda has also launched a new site named - looks exciting!

Review by Linda A. Epstein

"Tablet Kiosks V-700 Ultra-Mobile PC runs the full Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, touch enabled screen, full pen and ink capabilities and allow users the ability to, access the internet, communicate with others, listen to music,view movies, take handwritten notes and play games."

Does a 7" Origami Tablet PC sound too small?


William Luu said...

Hugo, that device looks nice. (Better looking than all the other ones announced thus far in my opinion. -- Just like how the Sahara devices look better than the majority of the other slates.)

Awesome. Look forward to hearing more from you about this models' availability locally.

Jon said...

"Tell 'em the price son"

I note that Dr. Neil mentioned that the handwriting recognition on touch screens wasn't as reliable as on a comparative model with a wacom digitiser - how is it on these devices ?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Will (Great Blog Man!),

I must admit that this device is sexier and more refined than the others. Cheers on the complitment in regards to Sahara's too!


watch the page for pricing this weekend!

Dr. Neil mentioned the resolution for Handwriting recog is lower, not less reliable - first tip, "don't lean and write!" Works like any other XP Tablet Edition Hand recognition.

Kean said...


My Fujitsu 1510D tablet only has a touch screen. Although it isn't pressure sensitive (which would be annoying to an artistic type) the advantage of using fingers rather than an active pen is huge. Can't wait to try one, although I already find the 1024x600 screen a bit of a limitation on this tablet.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Kean!

I know that one of my most pleasurable experiences last year was receiving my first resistive-touch Tablet PC running Windows XP Professional. I don't know what it is but there's a lot to be said about placing your finger on the 'Start' button and navigate through windows with God's original pointing device, "the finger."

These are going to be ACE ;-)

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